Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thinking stuff....

I've been thinking lately.

I feel much like Pooh, who's immortal bear wisdom said, "Think, Think, Think."
Grab some tea, I wanna think aloud.

Think, think, think

I've been thinking about the word "Nurture".
Which -- has a dictionary Definition of feeding, teaching, clothing, housing ...
I once wanted to argue with my neighbor who claimed that she was "raising the neighbor boy". She was really complaining that he was spending sooo much time hanging out at her house.
Entertaining is not nurturing.

I've been wondering if I have been nurturing enough to my kids.
I talked it out with my mom a bit -- my heart's desire IS to's to teach them, train them and send them off to be the History Makers they were meant to be. Truth be told, I wanna go, too - but that's another blog post entirely.

But in the midst of a day there is so much going on - teaching school, teaching life, teaching that it's really NOT okay to punch your brother in the face and then not expect him to try to scratch you. And certainly don't tell me that you were justified in hitting him AGAIN. (those days also don't make much blogging fun)

And it's not okay to take a toy from a sibling -- Run to ME -- and then lay on said toy.
All I see is "guilty party".

It's the midst of the training of the controlled attitude (Even when I'm so frustrated I could bite nails) ...

How can you really know you're nurturing??

Someone said I was kind.
I sort of nervously laughed tonight- they haven't seen me on a bad day with the kids.

It's a powerful word.

A lack of nurture can lead to bondage... Talk about pressure.

~~~ think, think, think ~~~

Have you ever wondered what Freedom looks like??

God sets us free. He wants to set us free. He REALLY wants to see us free.
But what does it look like??

Can you see the chains piled on the ground? Sometimes you can physically see the countenance lighten and see the chin lift or the shoulder unslump..

but where does the real freedom lie -- in the heart.

How does a heart express freedom??

God showed me that my heart is learning to dance.

~~~ Think, Think, Think ~~~

There's a song called "How He loves us" ... I've posted it here's on youtube.
(I heart youtube.)
In the song is the phrase--

"He is jealous for me"

Have you ever thought about it?
"He is jealous for me"
Jealous goes beyond wanting me for Himself -- which He does. Bible Says that "He is a Jealous God."
Another definition: Jealous: solicitous or vigilant in maintaining or guarding something

He is Jealous for me.
He is vigilant in maintaining and guarding my destiny.
He is vigilant in maintaining and guarding me.

No matter what emotions I may have --
no matter what the world tells me - and the world has been lying LOTS lately --
no matter what storms may come...

He is Jealous for me.
He is vigilant in maintaining and guarding ..... me.
It gives the verse "He'll never leave me or forsake me" a new depth.
He won't leave because He's God --- but he's vigilant in maintaining and guarding ... me.

That makes Him a Hero.

~~~ think, think, think ~~~

Have you ever had your head so full of thoughts, you imagined you'd be 10 pounds lighter if you'd write it all down??

I wonder if the bathroom scale can measure brain waves?

I think not.


Halfmoon Girl said...

oooh, I'm impressed. Here I was thinking about whether or not to wash my hair when I hop in the bath... I think you ARE a nurturer- you have encouraged me. and your love for your kids shines through your blog. Love your thoughts on freedom and God's jealousy for our passion.

CrossView said...

Beautifully "thought"... Not to mention that Pooh is one of my favorite philosophers! ;o)

It's still hard for me to understand that God put my kids with me because He is preparing them for something. It would be so much easier if I knew just what that is! But all the day to day stuff is part of the process they need to get to where they're going...

But it's too early in the morning for my brain to work.

Livin' Life said...

Loved hearing your thoughts! We think very similar thoughts. So encouraging , thank you!

Mother Mayhem said...

You made me think.

Now my brain hurts.

Kelli said...

I love Comfy Denim so very much! Just the idea that it bothers you that you have not been as nurturing as you would like, proves that you are doing a fab job. You're amazing and such a great mom.

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm embarrassed because the first thing that came to mind were lines from a song in "Beauty and the Beast:"

Gaston: LeFou, I'm afraid I've been thinking...

LeFou: A dangerous pastime!

Gaston: I know.

I think the problem is considering the term "nurture" to only include the rainbows and smiley faces. Nurturing is also about teaching them how to stay safe and get along with others. That isn't always fun, but it is very important.

Peace and Laughter,

The Gang's Momma! said...

This is good stuff. I agree with the other posters - you are a nurturer. One thing I've come to learn is that we all nurture those given to us (our kids, our friends, those we minister to) in the way that we are uniquely wired to do. My nurturing of my tots will look totally different than yours. The way I minister to a friend in need will have a different look and feel than will yours.

This is so encouraging to me, now that I've let it settle in my spirit and I'm not "comparing myself" to those that I formerly considered to be "THE" definition of nurturing.

I've been very blessed to be nurtured by a great couple of older, more experienced moms who taught me this in word and deed. And this post is a great reminder to be true to who God wired me to be and nurture in that manner.

Good stuff, girl. Good stuff. And Classic is right: the fact that you think this through says that you are on the path and doing it. Doing it well, I'm certain.

40winkzzz said...

I needed to read this- AND your comments. My 18-y/o is struggling hugely right now and she, my hubz, and I are all blaming ME for not being a "nurturing" enough mother. I'm not going to start explaining or this will turn into a 2-page long comment. But reading what you & your commenters have written here is encouraging to me. Thanks.