Monday, April 27, 2009

Hope and the color Yellow

When she's not blogging about her deep love of words and thoughts, her wonderful kids, or even spinning the world and making me dizzy, Toby at CarpeBanana is dreaming.

She had one dream not that long ago that has latched on to me in such a way, I know that Holy Spirit was talking to her, and through her - to me.

In this post back in February, Toby wrote the following:

I woke up from a dream about how no one wears yellow. What's wrong with yellow? So I actually had to dig around in a box in the basement with clothes saved for messy jobs to get out my yellow sweatshirt.

I remember looking at that and thinking that's a weird thing to remember from a dream. The wording of it got me. I began to wonder what yellow stands for prophetically. So I got out my color resource. From the list I had of the prophetic significance of yellow, three things popped out at me, hope, joy, light.

Really, though, it's hope that has stuck with me. Yellow symbolizes Hope.

She woke up from her dream wondering why no one wears yellow any more.
No one wears yellow because they are hopeless.

She went and put on her yellow sweatshirt. I think that is significant. She got up and made a choice. She put on her yellow, she put on hope.

Whenever I see people wearing yellow, I want to tell them "You're wearing hope."

Now, yellow is also the color that signifies light. Light pierces the darkness.

At church, we lit candles as a prophetic act of God's light reclaiming what has been stolen.
With the lights dimmed, I looked at that flame in the tiny candle. My heart reached out in wonder and Holy Spirit reminded me of Toby's dream.


It's not a simple thing.
Hope is powerful.
It can bring life.
It can set captives free.
It can urge warriors to fight.

There are those that don't have that hope.
Even among believers, who have THE Hope.
What happens if we have no hope?
The antonyms of the word say it best: despair, disbelief, and discouragement.
Hope is optimism. If you have no optimism, life is bleak.

If we haven't hope in this current season in life, we are going to be pretty pitiful when God wants us to be powerful.

Do you have hope??
Are you wearing it so others can see it?
Are you willing to share?

Each of our worlds look different. Some would call it our sphere of influence -- but that's where we carry our hope.
We must share our hope ...
We must be willing to speak life.
To decree freedom.
Because that's what we're called to do. And we can't do it, if we have no hope.


kelli said...

my favorite color is yellow!! What a great post!

Mother Mayhem said...

We wear yellow around here! :o)

TobyBo said...

I keep coming back here today... I feel a bit overwhelmed and don't know what to say. You did a great job talking about hope and now I may have to throw in my two cents' worth, too, once it percolates in my brain for awhile.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes! What an awesome post. We need to wear hope more! I love this song! You have me so excited that I am using exclamation points everywhere!!!