Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun to say....

J-man has been allowed to play Lego Star Wars on the Play Station 2. He loves it. He's a big fan of the game and has watched his siblings play hours upon hours of this game. So he was thrilled when The Professor let him play for the first time. He's slowly acquiring the skills needed to master the controller. Though, he needs to work on his patience.

He's three. We can't have everything.

The problem has arisen is obvious. He's obsessed. That may not be the right word - but he's so excited that he wants to play at every chance he gets. It's like that new toy that gets played with all the time. This must have been how Woody felt in Toy Story when Andy got Buzz for his birthday. J-man's other toys are getting neglected.

The other night, at bed time, I could tell that J-man was having a hard time winding down. So I sat next to him to talk while he laid all snuggled in his bed. I asked him, in my best calm and quiet voice, "What would you like to talk about?"

He got quiet. He grinned. He whispered his response: "Star Wars".

Another day, we were out running errands. J-man needed new shoes and the big kids wanted to look at Webkinz. Our shoe store sells Webkinz. It's a great combo. For me. (AND they're cheaper than Hallmark. Bonus!!)

Mini-Me bought what's called a li'l Kinz. It's quite cute. It's a Chihuahua that she's named Treasure.

G-man bought a Monkey that he named Bob. Don't blame him, It was my idea.

J-man wanted one, so I bought the cheapest one - a pug dog that he named "Chubby Puppy" - but looks A LOT like Frank from "Men In Black".

We got them all logged into the website. They talked about them. Somewhere along the way, Mini-Me pronounced, "Chihuahua is just fun to say."

I have to agree.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I like your everyday stories- you have such a neat way of telling them. I have a nephew who used to be obsessed with Star Wars. Now he is 9, and talks about hockey all the time instead! I agree that Chihuahua is just fun to to say!

Debbie said... you got all of your webkinz up and running, huh? I read somewhere about some problems. I, personally haven't purchased any because I was a little leery, but if all 3 of yours are working all the kinks might be worked out.

Kelli said...

Webkinz obsessed Scarlett got those two for Christmas. I think the little ones are cute. :)

TobyBo said...


I am hoping for some photos of Treasure, Bob, and Chubby Puppy. Maybe Bob and Melrose can get together sometime.

missy said...

Ah, how we LOVE Webkins around here! I've even been known to play a game or two from time to time!! :)

Thanks so much for popping by my blog today, by the way!!

jugglingpaynes said...

J-man sounds like he's getting some great bonding time with the professor! My son is like that with his dad. He doesn't even want to talk to me at night because I don't know what's going on in the games they play. :o)

It's up. Go look.

Peace and Laughter!

Peculiar Blogs said...

Chihuahua is fun to say...but especially how my mom says it (like it is spelled....chi-who-a-who-a) heehee