Thursday, November 29, 2007

We interrupt this program...

I had to pause and write down the things I've heard in the Laundry Pile today.

Dateline: Morning - I hadn't been mobile very long. We had recorded "Shrek the Halls" from ABC last night. Because I was gone and wanted to see it. So this morning we had breakfast a bit too late and watched Shrek's Christmas. (It wasn't too bad. I laughed the most at Puss in Boots distracting himself with a fuzzy Christmas ornament. Because I NEVER distract myself. *snort* *Cackle*)

What was I saying??

Oh yeah... Out of the clear blue sky, G-man says, "They said on the news that spanking is against the law."

Oh, Massachussetts, How I hate thee right now... My reply was "Not in this house."
Now I won't get into my opinion because it would be lengthy - especially considering I think this new law is a serious infringement and undermining of the parental authority.
As was seen in my house this morning.

I still had to laugh, it was a valiant effort at testing the waters.

Dateline: Lunch.
The usual question "what's for lunch?" was followed by the usual "I'm hungry." Knowing that whatever I chose would be met with disdain, I replied: "Oh, I don't know, it's sure to be awful, though. Would you guys like to learn about fasting?"

To which I guffawed at my own joke. I crack myself up.

Then I had to explain fasting and they politely declined this learning opportunity.

Mini-Me asked: "What's really for lunch?"

in case you want to know: We then had a debate about chicken nuggets vs. Fish sticks.
Fish sticks won .... but just barely.


The Gang's Momma! said...

This cracks me up! We had almost the same exact conversation about spanking here this week. What the heck are they thinking up there? Must be all that cold New England air froze their brains and rendered them idiots. Or intrusive. UGH! Bill O'Reilly had a funny/intelligent take on it this week too.

A&EMom said...

At least your bright, thoughtful children present you with many timely opportunities to give an inspired lesson that applies to their lives!

Oh, and you take them! Hat's off!

A&EMom said...

Whatever the irrational screaming fear of crickets lesson is, I failed it big last night. Again.

Unknown said...

Wow, you guys have all kinds of interesting conversations! I like how you crack yourself up!


Vicki said...

Hi there!

Thanks for cheering my daughter on! She has orientation tomorrow and is so ready.

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and also did the personal recipe quiz. It cracked me up.

As for the spanking, well, I have one serious rant about THAT topic along with pompous self rightous people who feel that what they deem is the one and only way should be applied to one and all.

Spankings have their place and we all ready have battery laws in place. Why don't they just inforce the laws they have before they worry about writing new ones.

Lol, I'd love to see tha stats of which laws in place to how well it prevents the crime...

Like the drive to make abortion illegal. If they looked back in history, they would realize that law didn't stop it. It just hid it and made it dangerous.

Beyond that, how will they enforce such a ridiculous law? A public safety campaign to teach 4-5 yo's how to report their parents?

I'm ready to rant....(sorry)

Anonymous said...

LOL as usual. I've given you the Blogging with a Purpose Award. Come get it! Holly (applesofgold)

Melanie said...

Whenever we asked my mom what was for lunch or dinner, she replied "puke." I guess that way whatever we were really having would always look good.

How in the world can they make spanking against the law? There is no way to enforce such a silly law.

Anonymous said...

Spanking against the law? Slap the handcuffs on me now then.

Chicken nuggets would've won here! ;o)

KarenW said...

I think those law makers and the people who voted for it should come teach my class.

Unknown said...

You crack me up too! And I agree with you on that spanking thing. I cannot even believe it!

Tracy said...

Didn't know spanking was against the law in MA. Shockingly it ISN'T in NY. Yet. I am sure it's comming.

...glad you found humor in your day!

randi said...

We ate chicken nuggets and fries for dinner. For some reason my family likes that so they were all pretty happy with it.

Anonymous said...

Amelia-you've got to go to my blog and read about my day yesterday-I thought of you after I wrote it thinking you'd get a kick out of it. Don't eat or drink while reading it, though-for your own safety. LOL
Holly (applesofgold)

Mrs. Darling said...

Thankfully spanking is not against the law here in Oregon.

I guess your kids will cheerfully eat anything now! LOL