Friday, November 16, 2007

If the shoe fits....

This could possibly be a tale of woe. Depends on how I look at it. Right now, it's just a tale of toe.

I knew Mini-E could possibly, maybe, might need some new shoes. Several times I've put her shoes on her and she said, very quietly, "ow, ow, ow." Never loudly fussing, never crying, never throwing a fit. Several times I've put her shoes on her to have her undo the velcro on them. Never once did she try to take them off. She'd just undo the velcro.

We went to the park today for a friend's birthday and I decided we'd swing by the shoe store before heading home. I'd saved up money to buy her a pair of shoes. Matter of fact, I was proud of the fact that I had saved some grocery money to add to the clothing money. I was ready. Here we go.

On the way to the shoe store, G tells me that his toes are pressing against the tips of his shoes. It hurts when he bends his toes. Of course, I wanted to tell him NOT to bend his toes. Wouldn't that have been the anti-mommy thing to say? So we decide to have his foot measured while at the shoe store.

Mini-E was in a 1.5 size shoe. She measured at 2.5. No wonder she was saying 'ow'.
G's turn. He's wearing the big-kid version of a 1.5 sized shoe - he measured at 2.5 and he walked out of the shoe store wearing a size 3.

I barely contain my garrumphing. I know J-man's shoes are fine. I can hear them flapping. But what about Mini-Me??

I get Mini-Me over and have her foot measured. She kept telling me that her shoes were fine. I had her measured anyway. The shoes she wore into the store were size 1.5. She measured at a 2.5 size.

The sales clerk gestured to Mini-Me and G, "Are they twins?"
I shook my head and grinned, "nope."

G did ask an interesting question. He said, "I'm a 2.5?? Does that mean I've shrunk?"
I almost laughed, but he had asked last night if he'd shrunk instead of grown, and he was serious about it. So I told him, sweetly, that it meant he GREW.
He was beyond thrilled.

Mini-Me had a hard time picking out a shoe. She wanted one that was all pink (And totally cute) but they didn't have it in her size. They had a similar style but it had neon green in it. Mini-Me didn't like it. She told me that she liked her old shoes because they had "gems" in them (see: rhinestone) and they were all pink. (They were also all worn out)

She walked out of there wearing a size 2.5 shoe. It's not all pink. It's a cute silvery thing with some pretty colors in it - and it was on sale!!

It's always an adventure shoe-shopping with the kids.
I think, too, I've maintained my record for not buying shoes until the kids feet are threatening to burst through. The lesson I learned today: If the shoe'd better measure ALL their feet.


Christa said...

That trip to our favorite shoe store was rather painful for the pocketbook - but everyone has what they need - and you won't be accused of foot-binding.

I can't believe Mini-E wears a 1.5, though. My Bookworm #3 is only in an 8.5.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why we can't just cut a slit in them so that their toes can have a little more room...

Rosie is in a women's size 13.

The Gang's Momma! said...

That happened here once - LadyBug walked around in her "cutest sneakers ever" (really her words upon initial wearing of said shoes) until she actually had a callous. I felt guilty for weeks, and still cringe when I see it on her pretty little toes. The shoes all fit now, but the callous is still there. And now, I'm almost to the other extreme - I'm checking in with the gang almost weekly to be sure that everyone still fits into their shoes! Seems as if they can outgrow them almost overnight lately . . .

Kelli said...

I'm totally proud of you that you were able to save a few dollars from the grocery money. Good for you!