Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Hair - Warm Heart

You guys are the best!!! I got so many chuckles out of your comments and they each one just warmed my little denim heart.
Toby, my computer skills are not good enough to put good hair on a fork...though...I might be able to put a fork in my hair as a hair pin...hmmmmmm...
Because I'm running short of time lately (I've been painting the kitchen) I wanted you guys to know that you've absolutely made my day with the comments about my good hair day.
Oh - other than the good hair day, that's typically what I look like, too.
I had a picture from the other day that Mini-Me took of me, in the morning.
Same smile.
At least I'm consistent in something. *LOL*

1 comment:

TobyBo said...

well, LOL, if you try the fork as a hair ornament, we expect pictures. Whether it is good or not, OK?

hmmm... didn't Ariel use a fork to comb her hair in the movie? It's been a long while since I saw that one so I could be wrong.