Monday, March 26, 2007

Bloggity Brain Waves

I was thinking today about all that I wanted to blog - which will, in all probability, lead to more than one posting in a day. (A "When it rains it pours" kind of thing.)

I think I need a notebook to have lying around - so when I get a bloggy idea I could just write it down. Oh - wait. I have one of those.

I call it a journal.
I crack me up.

I have had one of those days - where little foxes have been stealing my grapes.
It's getting quite annoying, too. And it started first thing and hasn't gotten any better as the day has progressed.

It started out with Mini-E biting The Professor on the shoulder when he was hugging her.

Then it didn't rain, like it was supposed to, so we had to water our new sunflower seeds. (That's what we did this weekend, should you want to know)

Then we had Mini-E meltdown and breakfast. or was it the other way around? A run to the pharmacy.

Mini-Me went out and to check the mail and found ants instead. Ick. Ants do not need to be reading my mail. They just don't. So Antspray and I went out to see what was up. The ants had made a home in the grass around the base of the mailbox post. Then they outgrew that and climbed up to the place wood crossed. And they out grew that - and started taking over the mail box. Ick. So Antspray doused them really well. Oddly, I felt no mercy. Mini-Me watched and tried to keep everyone back. Then she said, "I think you need to wipe out the mailbox so that the mail-lady doesn't get poisoned."

That's logical - even if it is wrong. I did wipe out the mail box - but mostly to keep the ants off my mail. Well, because, too, the thought of me sticking my hand in there and coming out with slimed ants just kind of creeped me out.

By lunch time, we'd only talked about school work. I felt like the parable of the foxes and the grapes. I felt there were tiny foxes stealing my grapes of productivity. Which would explain my Swiper picture...If I had only thought to say "Swiper no swiping, Swiper, no Swiping! Swiper, no swiping!" Aw, man... hindsight and all that.

We did manage to have the babies take naps. And we managed to do Math & Phonics. The Lord says it's time to shift and change - but I'm not exactly sure what it is that's supposed to shift and change. I'm praying and asking because I know He'll answer those who are desperate for Him. And I'm desperate.

I want this to work out for the good of my kids and for me - and for God's glory. I have a feeling that the shifting and changing is going to be in my heart. I'm so glad that God loves me - because I have a feeling this could be painful.

I'll blog about the other fox that was doing some stealing in a bit.


Christa said...

I'm sorry Swiper showed up at your house - and the ants. Maybe you need an anteater for a pet? Can they live in Oklahoma?

My little monkeys are chasing each other around the living room and playroom - it's become a race track.

May your foxes be banished and your grapes tasty! I have a word about shifting in our house, too (with David appearing soon, that didn't surprise me). Speaking of David - my belly just shifted to the left - like the whole thing shifted visible. Must be another monkey in there.

I'm off to start dinner and send the big chimp outside to save my sanity.

Halfmoon Girl said...

thanks for that- I am going to remember that one for myself. We can all stop and yell "Swiper, no Swiping!" during the moments where organization is derailing. Then the neighbours can add more concerns to their list about us strange homeschoolers.