Thursday, March 8, 2007

Ah. A moment..

I'm sitting here sorting Fruits of the Spirit stickers (I'm prepping to teach the 2nd & 3rd graders in Children's church for the month). The kids are outside chasing each other in the back yard.

I pondered to myself as I sorted stickers (and avoided the thoughts of "I need to work on that fruit in my life") and though this would be a perfect time to do something. What shall I do I wondered?

Blog? Thought I.

So here I am. (I can't log into HSB. *Sigh*) and now I have nothing to say. *L*

Give me a bit and I'll come up with something, I'm sure.


Christa said...

Nifty new home. :) I think I'm ready to officially move house, too.

Amelia Antwiler said...

Does it make you sad - just a bit to switch?

Anonymous said...

Like the looks of your new home. I know what you mean about HSB. It can get very frustrating. I hope you'll still visit though. :o(
As long as I can log on I'll stick it out for now. I'm rather stubborn that way.
About face painting (I did it for a while "professionally"--HA! I love saying that!)One of my favorite things to do on boys was a lizard or tree frog. My son loves my dragons too. I would put the body down his nose, the wings spread on his cheeks, the tail curling on his chin and breathing fire across his forehead!
Peace and Laughter,