Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've been researching....

A writer writes to eventually have their ramblings/stories/ideas read by more than themselves. After receiving numerous rejections for a story, and researching more, I realized that the line 'publishing is subjective' is a big fat lie. 

Agents are looking for something - and they try to tell you what it is - but achieving that 'imagined perfection' is difficult, I'm guessing. In that way publishing is subjective - they're looking at the story wondering if can be sold to a publisher...

but that's really not what I was going to tell you. 

In my research, there's a lot of time spent talking about developing your platform - earning an audience before you're published. I'm all for that unless it's annoying. I've someone on my facebook list who became annoying quickly with her platform building. 

A blog is one thing that is  talked about having...and apparently it's met with approval. 

So I thought of this blog. I've thought of those of you who have stuck with me even through my times of silence... I'm not changing a thing. Except maybe the back ground. You know me, Easily distracted.

But one thing I need you to hold me accountable for...if I get too busy talking about writing - would you slap me?? Someone's complaint was that all writer's seem to write about -- writing on their blogs.

Which makes sense when you stop and think about it - you tend to write about what you're passionate about. but here in the Laundry Pile - there's so much to talk about - that it's often difficult to choose just one thing --  so I don't write.

I should stop that. 

I just can't see a way to separate the parts of me - the parts of me are entwined here in the Laundry Pile. I can't see a way to separate them from each other. My characters show up when I'm gaming. when I'm working on school with the kids. God talks to me when I'm doing dishes - and inspires me when I'm going about my day. The kids ... well you see?  It's all meshed together....

to make me.

So really --- all that rambling that's been pent up inside of me really means nothing is changing.

Not really.

I just needed to say it out loud.


Dapoppins said...

Have you heard of the romance author Jennifer Haymore? Go look her up on amazon. I'll wait.

Back yet?

Well, one thing she did to both sharpen her writing skills and build an audience was enter contests. Lots and lots of romance writing contests, as well as be a judge in said contests.

She won some of them too. It's what got her foot in the door in a publishing house. I know this, cause about six years ago, we were in the same critique group.

another writer I know of is Autumn Dawn. She's had two print, but the publisher's stopped pubbing her stuff so she went to smash- swords and self published. Her blog has her journey from ebook author to self published author. Go read it.

I'll wait.

I was going to say something else about you not changing your blog.

but I forgot because while I was waiting I ate about 10 fresh cooked gooy chocolate chip I'm brain dead.

jugglingpaynes said...

Well said, my comfy friend. I recently asked for advice about self publishing through Amazon and the adviser (sister of a relation)went on and on about starting a blog through Blogger. I was amused that someone would tell me to start a blog.

In the meantime, my father wants me to make eBooks because I could make millions! I should offer my comics to everyone because they would be useful to everyone, even teachers! Gotta love dad. He means well, but we have different life goals. :o)

Good luck with your book! One piece of advice I was given that would apply to you: You have to be rejected 5,000 times from an agent before you get someone. She had enough of rejections after the tenth time and self published. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

CrossView said...

Ah! Blogs! The nice thing about them is that you can write about whatever you want to. Unless, of course, you have sponsors. Then I suppose it gets more iffy.... :O)