Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't wanna....

This is probably an entry in the "Average Mom's Journal"

Yesterday we were supposed to change our clocks back. Unless you lived in Arizona.

sigh. Today, I envy Arizona.

We did okay with the time change. FOR the most part.
Meals were done according to the clock.
We took naps because there was church that night.

We had our normal sunday night melt downs...but then we remembered that their little bodies thought it was 11pm and not 10pm. Which explained the extra level of whine/melting down that we achieved.


Today we all feel it.
I have no motivation ...and the kids are iffy.

Because Monday mornings are sluggish, we do light levels of school work.
Today's phonics lesson included the 7 year clearly NOT wanting to participate.

One of us should have stayed in bed.

I wasn't going to force school to happen but I wasn't about to get anything done with him giving me answers that were incorrect on purpose. I was proud of me when I looked at him and said, "We're done." Instead of losing my temper, I walked away before I lost it.

He cried and I'm not sorry.

Tomorrow will be better...It has to be.
I may be average - but I'm not about to declare that it couldn't be worse, because I know it could.
Average - not stupid.


TobyBo said...

"he cried and I'm not sorry" - I think I love that line.

Dapoppins said...

We are doing public school at home this year...which means I have a teacher breathing down my neck to check a "Complete" box at the end of every day. But Public school wasn't cutting it.

Oye. I have days, and I am not sorry either!