Monday, November 15, 2010

and the fun continues...

My parents had been renting a house over the past year because of a work situation with my father. Deciding that they could save money by buying another house, they started a search. The location they're needing to live (because my dad can not drive long distances due to a back issue) is just full of misnomers. "By the lake" could mean five miles to the nearest water -- but since they're in the vicinity, the prices are astronomical.

Dad decided on a modular home (See: trailer) that would do them well. It's on just over one acre of land. Most of the land is taken up by over grown fir trees ( I hate fir trees). These have not been tended to in a very long time and vines are growing up in the middle of them...and it's not pretty.

By the way: I'm allergic to Virginia Creeper. 

There was a lot of it inside the fir tree closest to their new house. Did I mention my hatred for fir trees?

Now. the story gets better because once they bought the house, work was to be done on it. They knew there would be work....but they didn't know how much work. And it's not just work turned out to need WORK.

Enter the Professor. 

And because he enters, I'm condensing A LOT! Mainly because the drama that is the new house is not what this story is about ....

This story really is about God's timing. 

Several months back, The Professor had a job interview with a company in Ohio. The interview went well but they were just starting the process at the time of the phone call. However, if they had hired The Professor (which would have been the wise thing for them to do) we would not have been here in THIS state to help my family.

There is no one else to do the work. I have one VERY distant brother ... in another state (mentally and physically) and the closest Brother (Uncle Kickbutt) had his own job shift and has been working ridiculously horrible hours.

For two weeks, two weeks nearly solid, the Professor would pack extra clothes in his trunk and drive from his work to my parents house and help work on the floor and plumbing. Getting ready for the move. 

My dad did the sawing and cutting because there was no bending or lifting involved. 

All those two weeks ... the Grace of God was present to handle The Professor's absence.  He is the back up unit for me...the good cop to my bad cop. 

We got the house as ready as could be. Then the Professor went to take a test in the Western most state to further his career - and he was gone for three days. 

God's grace was perfect, there, as well. We knew it was divinely appointed that he take this test now...

If he had changed jobs, we might have had peace - and possibly a pay raise (after five years of nothing) but The Professor would not have had study time, nor would he have learned how NOT to manage a company and, on top of it all, he was able to help my parents.

2010 will not be my favorite year. I don't care what memories we might have - it has been a very, very hard year. 

God seemed so distant then and He probably was - it was  training time, a pruning time, a hard time -- But sitting here NOW, as I blog as I ponder,  I can point to it and say "THERE was God." And "There." 

Because it still comes down to one simple fact...

I still Believe in God.


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Kelli said...

Just when I think I can't possibly love you more, you go and post something so real. :) you are the best! Hang in there, the year of jubilee is coming!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes! It's a choice sometimes, isn't it- to believe when it is hard! btw, it was so nice to open my inbox this morning and see a message from "Comfy Denim"!

CrossView said...

Amen! I LOVE this post!

Dapoppins said...

oh, as soon as you said, 2010 was a hard year, tears came to my eyes. I started out full of faith that no matter what, God Will. And God is. And then God kept doing things His ways and I decided to hide in hole to ride it out...


Your faith blesses me.