Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outright Rambling...

I have Mozilla Firefox. I really do enjoy it. It locks up far less than the demon spawn that is Wind*ws  unExpl*rer. (snicker)

Yes. I will tell you exactly how I feel.
Most of the time.
If you ask.
And sometimes if you don't.

On my Firefox, I have this handydandy 'add-on' called "Speed Dial". On my  SpeedDial I have my Blogger blog. I also have Facebook, my Google Reader, Drudge Report (I like to scan the headlines), Photobucket, YouTube, Dictionary.com, NaNoWriMo, and Amazon.

What? You never know when you're going to need to look up a word when you're writing or shopping.
What's that?? Links?? Um. .. Only if you really need me to.

So I've been watching SpeedDial show my untended blog front and center every time I turn on the Firefox. So I thought to myself -

I'm a bad blogger friend. I've not been visiting blogs. For that I'm sorry. I"m also sorry that I might leave you a flood of messages, if you have more than one blog entry that I haven't read.

Then I thought - well... I could tell about the ceiling fan fiasco. But now I can't find my camera.

I could tell you about my trip to the ER - but that would embarrass G-man.

I could tell you about Jack Oy, the Porch Cat. I have pictures!! -- but no camera.

I could tell you about the morning I found J-man's fish. Dead. In the corner of his tank.
It was creepy.
I swear he was like one of those things you buy, put in water and watch them grow.
Yeah. We won't talk about that.

I could tell you that Sir Whiskers the Mini-hamster died.
He lived a good life in his castle - biting those who dared pet him.
Actually -- This is kind of funny.
I mean, not that he Died...but Mini-Me, who was very sad that her ball of biting fluff died, asked if she could have another hamster.

I kindly, or tried to be kindly, pointed out that it wouldn't exactly be fair to the new hamster. We can't put him in a ball to run because of Gizmo the hyper active mutt or Bubbles, the hyper active 4th. Those two are quite the pair. And either one can get the lid off the hamster ball.

So in my best managerial tone of voice, I told Mini-Me that we could get another hamster in a few years, when she's responsible enough to care for ALL aspects of the hamster. I'm not opposed to buying food. Hamster chow isn't that expensive, after all. But There's the cleaning of the cage, and tubes and the changing of the water. She wasn't doing all that she could have been doing.

She had a really good day not long after Whisker's demise. I praised her on her efforts and helpfulness.
"So..." she began. My spidey senses were tingling, telling me that I was suddenly on dangerous ground. She continued, "Do you think I'm responsible enough to get another hamster?"

I laughed.

"I really think we should wait until you're older..."

"Like when I'm twelve?"

Since she'll be twelve in October I had to tell her no.

We started school and have managed to Miss every Monday and many Fridays since we began.
Holy Spirit has told me through two people that I REALLY am supposed to be teaching the kids at home...

and I keep asking Him...'Are you REALLY sure?"

Which isn't the real question... Not really. Because really what I'm asking is: Are you CRAZY? I can't handle this!!

He takes my questions with  a laugh...because, well, I'm still here. No lightening strikes.
It's going to get better, I'm sure. It has to.

What I don't like?? The fact that time seems to be accelerating and I'm standing still.

Too bad I can't do a SpeedDial for the school assignments.
Maybe then I'd not be behind in my blogging.


Who am I kidding?
I'd be writing. It's become my addiction ... and most of the time I like it. Then there are the times I don't. Like it that is. Such is life, I suppose.

and that's really why I don't blog. I've got these invisible friends....
and the other day?? You know what I did??
I kidnapped one of them.

Yeah. It was a surprise for all of us.

Too bad I can't take pictures of it.
Oh, yeah.
I can't find my camera.



jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! I hope you find your camera soon!
Have I told you how much I enjoy your ramblings?

And you are right. Life moves at the speed of light, and since you are at the center of all the activity, it does indeed look like it's standing still. On the plus side, when everything slows down again, everyone else will have aged but you will look as young as ever. I'm sure that's true, I saw something like it on Cosmos. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

TobyBo said...

I would LOVE to be kidnapped by you. Even if you can't take pictures of it.

CrossView said...
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CrossView said...

Let me try again. *sigh*
I deleted the comment for the other post and put it there. Now I'm going to try and put a comment for this post. Here. Where it goes. And I guess that would explain why I tell you tat I can relate. Totally.

lynnielou said...

found your blog from a comment you left on the gloss, so glad I went searching for it! hope your camera turns up soon. love and hugs from scotland! x