Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Age is relative?

This happened tonight....and I had to blog it.
That's right!!

Two blog posts in ONE DAY!! WOW.
I know. I'm impressed, too.

"J-man! Feed Jack." (this is my ploy to keep him from missing the fish that he fed at night. Otherwise the fish was ignored.)

"Where's the cat food?" J-man asked, looking from side to side and finding none.

"Whaddya mean, 'where's the cat food'?" I ask as I wrestly my way out of the very back of the couch to look for myself.
"Where *IS* the cat food?" I asked, looking from side to side over his shoulder.

"Probably," offered The Professor, "in the other room." (Where it's supposed to be, he didn't add.) (Nicely)

I retrieve the cat food and bring it back to find J-man and Jack nose to nose.

"Thank you, Senor." J-man said to me as he took hold of the cat food bag. Then he grins and you can hear it in the air, "I called you 'senor'."

"I heard you." I grin at the back of his head, "But I'm a 'senora' because I'm a mom, a wife, an old married lady."

The Professor grins and remains quiet. (Nicely)

J-man says, "Oh."

G-man frowns at me, but he's grinning, "You're not old, mom."

"I'm not? Then what am I?" I ask with a laugh, heading into the kitchen to get the grocery list.

"You're thirty-ssssssss......you're only in your thirties." He said.

I had to laugh..
"What happens when I'm in my 40's?" I asked him.

"I wouldn't know."

I laughed.
I wouldn't know either.


TobyBo said...


you are SO young.

CrossView said...

Keep that kid.

And that husband.


Now I feel so very old. I haven't seen my 30's for quite some time. =P