Sunday, November 15, 2009

Writing and Focus (or lack of it)

Well, I'm way over due for a blogger update. Sorry about that. I know - I'm blogging without obligation - it says so somewhere on my sidebar. I had originally thought that I would blog about the life of NaNo. And those plans fell through as writing, PLUS life, just took all my spare time.

Today I'm not feeling well - so i'm not entirely sure how much of this blog post will make sense.
I may have to edit it after the haze clears. :-)

It started out well. I had a crazy plot, and some good characters.
I'm a sucker for good characters.
I had the beginning of my story already in my head. That was the easy part.
Then the middle part hit.
Good grief. That was not easy.
Nor was it, turns out, fun.

One bit of a blessing that came about in the midst of this, was the word count battle between a lady in New York -- MercOne. The word count happened by accident and we both had more fun with it than I think either of us thought we would.

Chiding each other with faux frustrations but genuine cheers.

Today I reached the official mark of 50,000 words. I'm not done with my story. I've got 15 more days or so to finish it. The fact that it's nearly done, thrills me.Though, I know once I reread it later, say in December, to begin to edit it, I might wonder what the heck I was thinking.

To be honest, I love to write.
I always have.
But having Merc there to constantly get ahead of me in word count, urged me to keep going. Her being 3,000+ words ahead of me during a few days really ... I was glad for her..

but it IRKED me.

She was sick.
She wrote a drinking song for me.
Still got ahead of me in word count.
And she was sick.

And working.

and that motivated me to kill my inner editor -- that voice that says "Edit now" or whispers "plot flaw". MercOne motivated me because her 3,000k and plus word count mocked me.

So I pushed on.
writing little bit by little bit.
I had to eat her lead like you would eat an elephant. Bite by bite..or in this case..word by word.

She helped me get past the "middle of the story" blues.
She kept me going ....

Really - I couldn't have asked for a better writing buddy.

So thank you, MercOne!!
You have my undying gratitude and probably a place in my book, after I rewrite it. :-)


Anonymous said...

MercOne say YARR! ^__^!
Eh, if it works, you can put Me in as the female bounty hunter who has a past with Reed and semi-graciously gives him up for Grace :D
(but takes her aside and says 'If you hurt him, mind you, I will hunt you down. It won't be pretty when I'm done...and neither will you.)

Mother Mayhem said...

Atta girl! ;o)

Growin' With It said...

way 2 go!

Dapoppins said...

You know, you sound just like a writer.

TobyBo said...

hope you are feeling better. :)

Dapoppins said...

Any writer will tell you, as you just did, that the part were the writing gets bogged down is if you start the rewriting tooooooo soooon. I love that your pushing through the NO EDITING pain.