Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things heard in the Laundry pile..

On Reading:

Mini-me read her first "Mandie" book. The First one, in fact. I remember reading these as a kid, but I can't say that they were my favorite books. I don't know why, exactly. I remember one scene where Mandie's friend prays ... Open Eyes and open face toward the sky. But I can't remember why.

Mini-Me devoured the book.

She turned the page and groaned, "Aaaaaaawwww. It's over."

Music to my ears.

She requested more books for Christmas.
Even more music to my ears.

On Animals:

Last Christmas, we had a great challenge keeping Shaggy from getting into the toys while unbinding them from their Packaging. Oh, the packaging that hell hath brought!! The endless miles of twisty ties. The mindless bits of tape. The pieces of plastic pierced through Barbie's head. (so glad we aren't getting Barbie's this year.)

It was the Christmas packaging that keeps a pair of wire cutters in my kitchen drawer.

What was I saying??

Christmas. Dogs. I promise.

Gizmo tends to be wild. Just as prone as Bubbles to take a toy and run.
Thinking it might be good to have things for him to chew on, new toys make him happy, I purchased a few things.

When I was showing the Professor purchases for the kids, talking about the next steps. Oh, these are for the dog, says I.

He looks at them, "did you get something for the cat?"

Well no. -- I'm rather stunned that he asked. He doesn't like the critters. Tolerates them for our sake...mostly the kids sake.

"She's part of the tribe. You should get her something for Christmas."

"Are you serious??"

He was. Maggie's presents are stashed with the rest. I went last night and bought her a play mat.


We're goofy.

On Phonics - the inspiration of learning:

G-man was walking by Mini-Me. In a rather awed voice he said: "Did you know there is a vowel in every word??"


Mrs Q said...

I love it when they find a series of books they like. Peace and quiet on the way home from the library .... until they've read the last of the series. I empathise with the twist tie thingys. Christmas Day usually involves a lot of that as well as hours putting Lego together. You make me feel guilty about our budgie so I'll have to write an extra on the list.

CrossView said...

That's an awesome list!

And you guys are really weird for getting your critters Christmas presents. Wait! We do it, too. Never mind.... ;o)