Saturday, October 3, 2009

Unexpected treasures...

We had to go to our W*l-M*rt on Thursday.
I have come to hate this store. Typically they are poorly stocked, understaffed and often They don't have what I need. They are just five minutes away where as everything else is over 20 minutes away. So proximity wins.

Often, I compromise on a purchase -- or change my plans all together.

Thursday was a bit of surprise. The bathrooms weren't working.

BUT we found pull-on pants for the boys. Denim-y ones. They don't like buttons/snaps. So all elastic was a benefit.

The kids, while I was checking out went to sit at the tables of the restaurant franchise housed near-by. After paying for my store purchases, I went and purchased a large drink to pay for the table space they used. I broke a larger bill and pocketed my change.

On the way out of the store, J-man said "Look mom! A band!"

I looked quickly, because I can't look for very long crossing the crosswalk, Bubbles might make a run for it. There's one worker smoking - and another person sitting with his things. One of the things that J-man saw was a guitar case. I knew in that quick glance that he was traveling - and most likely homeless. But when I turned back to watch where I was going - I saw the vision of the money in my pocket. Specifically a $5 & the 2 -$1.

God tends to talk to me in pictures. So I pondered this for a bit of time while I load up the van. I could have saved myself some time by just turning around on the spot - but I wanted to make sure I was hearing/seeing from God before I moved. So I asked for confirmation while I was loading the groceries and the kids were haggling over their new gloves. (We bought some while we could. They out grew the ones from last season.)

When I couldn't get the picture out of my head, I knew it was God. So I looked and sure, enough - I had the $7. I told Mini-Me what I needed to do - and she took control of the van and I went quickly the few feet to the young man.

I'm not naive enough to doubt that the haze I saw in his eyes was probably drug related - but I'm hopeful enough that it was sleep deprivation. When I approached, he was reading - which tickled me. I was wondering what I was going to say... but should have known it wouldn't have mattered.

I said, "Hi!"

He smiled at me. He had two piercings - it's funny what you notice. He had bright, if hazy, blue eyes, sandy hair and a great smile.

God has said "if you open your mouth - I will fill it."

He did.

I started my sentence and God finished it.
"When I was walking by a minute ago God said to give you ... lunch money."

He perked up and looked at me with a great big smile and his eyes got big - "Seriously?"

I smiled and laughed, "Yeah. Seriously."

He took the $7 and said, "Wow! Thanks! God bless you."

I just smiled at him and told him to "be blessed" (which was lame!) - but I had 4 kids in the van.

But really -- God already blessed me. Just with that moment.

If I hadn't had broken the $20 - I wouldn't have had the $7 for lunch money.
And I wouldn't have been able to bless him in a way that probably impacted that guitar player in a way I'll never know.

The enemy would tell me that I didn't tell him about Jesus...but I did. By simply telling him that God saw his need --- and sent me to give it.

AND I got to talk to Mini-Me about doing what God says - and not wonder why.

Yes, he was homeless - and wisdom would say not to give to every hard-luck harry on the street -- but that's why we need Holy Spirit to instruct.

And when we get that nudge to break a $20 at Subway - we might just should go ahead and do it. You never know what "band" is waiting outside the store in need of lunch money.


Kelli said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Way to be available and obedient!! You are amazing.

Growin' With It said...

WOWZA...what a post. shames me that i don't look around more, but inspires me to make the most of it next time i do! good for you and YEAH GOD!!

TobyBo said...

I just read this:

then this:

and now your post.