Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As if I didn't have enough to do....

As some of you know, I've always loved to write.
Which is one reason this blog has been such a draw for me. I'm not sure I would have stuck with it, if not for the awesome Bloggy friends who faithfully leave comments, though.

One thing I know, A writer likes to have feedback.

When I finished my recent first draft, giving it to my Beta Readers, my writing passion did not stop. I knew I was going to write a sequel...but mostly, I started rummaging through the "Flair" on Facebook.

I love flair.
For me, It's like popping bubble wrap. Which is good - because I don't have any bubble wrap.
My kids love stomping on bubble wrap ... so it doesn't last long enough to be therapeutic.

In my rummaging of the Flair buttons..I searched for things like "writing" and "pen" and "author" -- looking for the most fun ones, I could find. Of course, I also search for "Bones" (the tv show) and random words that just pop up into my brain. Which could be scary. Especially if I was thinking of my brother, at the time. He can be -- well... a donkey meanie head.

There is no flair for that.
I've checked.

In my searching I kept finding some of the funniest flair that also had "nanowrimo" written on them. So I googled it. HEre...I"ll save you the hassle. Link for your convenience. The goal is to write 50,000 words -- in the form of a novel -- over the month of November.

I'm signed up.
I'm ComfyDenim (no surprise there) -- and I'm a First time WriMo.
My Genre is Fantasy.
Nice to meet you. Another link for your convenience.

I was struggling with my book that is in the editing process. It would be pretty cliched.
My awesome friend pointed out that they got to be cliches -- not because they were unpopular.

And one day I was trying to catch a few zzzz's while Bubbles napped, my cliche filled plot line jumped into my head and I was thrilled.

I've jumped into this who experience with both feet and am dragging the kids with me.
I've apologized to the Professor in advance -- and am gearing up to write my cliche filled NaNovel...with the goal being to have fun and create the skeleton of a novel. Flesh can be added later.

I love The Professor and A&E Mom because they listen most kindly to my crazed plot ramblings.
They don't think too much if I tell them, "An assassin walked into my story today and he seems pretty set on staying."

My kids are repeating everything multiple times at me to get my attention - and probably prepare all of us for the even-more-distracted-than-normal Mom in November.

I'm looking at a pile of laundry and ungraded school papers and thinking -- I really didn't need anything else to do -- but now that the plot bunny has bitten me and I've met my characters...It's a loss.

I'm going to have to learn how to multitask like I've never done before.

It should be fun.

They have sporks.
And flair.


Mother Mayhem said...

LOVE me some flair! :o)

Livin' Life said...

Wow, that is awesome!! I followed the links and was so inspired!! I hope you publish it and let us all partake of your gifting!!!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Did you say this was a sequel? Meaning you've already pounded out one? Please do tell. I'd love to read your work.

I mean, I do love to read your work. And I'd love to read more. :)

Good luck.

And thanks for sharing flair - it's always a pick me up.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You are my flairiest friend by far- it keeps me smirking! I read your bio and synopsis- love it! Good for you, my flairy friend. Now I am thinking of other names for you, like Flairy Godmother,etc, just cause you have me on a roll...a short roll, cause now I am stuck. (ok, so yah, I forgot to eat breakfast and am feeling a little airheaded)

CrossView said...

It's amazing what we can squeeze into a busy schedule when there's that whole "want to" aspect! LOL!

And I get lost for hours reading Flair!

TobyBo said...

this is exciting... only I am guessing your blog may be neglected... if so, I shall look forward to seeing you back. :)

Dapoppins said...

I was able to write a short story for Nan..o..whats it. I think it is the first story I ever finished. Heh. Go for it!