Sunday, March 1, 2009

News Update at 11

Welcome back to the TMI News Channel. We have a lot to cover but first a recap of the weather.

It's cold out there folks!! Bitter winds are sweeping down the plains. There doesn't appear to be any rain for miles - but our radar broke and the meteorologist is getting is information the old fashioned way: The back window.

Now for a news update, we go live to Ima Dork. Ima how are things progressing at the Laundry Pile?

Thank you. Yes, I am standing outside the Laundry Pile and as you said, it's bitterly cold and windy today. Yesterday was quite the interesting day following our family around. We're still trying to analyze everything. The two main stories of the day were pictures and Shaggy.

We did discover that Comfy Denim can be a non-conformist. The final decision on picture taking was to coordinate around a dress. Of course, being the Denims, 3 of the 4 children wore jeans. The non-conformity became evident when we and the photographers at the local mall studio saw the color scheme for the 4 children. Our sources within the studio tell us that they prefer subdued colors or matching clothes. Comfy Denim just laughed when the photographer asked what color had been chosen for the pictures.

The photography session did not start out well, when Mini-Me's hair alternately stood up and plastered itself to her face. The culprit?? Static electricity. The Mall salon came to the rescue by letting Comfy borrow hair spray. The problem was solved.

And then another one came. Photography is NOT supposed to be a contact sport but it nearly was. The photographer had the kids line up in a row. It was a very cute moment. Until it was noticed that Mini-Me is slightly shorter than G-man now. But not by much. Photography expert Audrey asked Mini-Me to stand up on her tiptoes. This caused Mini-Me to lose her balance and tip forward into G-man, which caused G-man to tip forward into J-man, which caused J-man to push back - which caused G-man to push back, which caused Mini-me to lose balance and the whole thing had to start over again.

It was oddly like one of those perpetual motion things you have on your desk.

Pictures were finally complete. The studio, which did not allow our cameras inside, took their sweet time presenting the photo proofs to the family. In the meantime, there were 4 potty trips and 1 minor fit thrown.

Once the photos were finally shown and the process of photo choosing begun, we began to see evidence of a very bored 3 year old. She threw such a fit that The Professor was seen trekking the children back to the van to await the return of Mrs. Denim.

We have been informed that once the van was again underway, the 3 year old known as Mini-E was promptly asleep.

We do have an update on Shaggy's condition. Our source inside the vet clinic, on condition of anonymity, told us that Shaggy walked all around the office without one bit of evidence to show a limp. However, the Vet informed The Professor that there are two unrelated issues involved with the dog.

There is possibly an injury to the hind leg which is causing the limp.

However, the stumbling and falling on his face, is a completely different issue with two possible diagnoses.
the first diagnosis would be that Shaggy has a neck injury which is causing him to stumble.
The second diagnosis is more sad as the stumbling could indicate a possible brain issue.

Comfy Denim did break her media silence and issued the following statement:
We, of course, want Shaggy to be healed. Knowing how much he loves to play, we are assuming that he has simply injured his neck. We also believe that we live in a house where everything is touched by the healing power of God and we believe that includes animals. After all, they are created by God.

This has been an interesting assignment. This reporter is tired.
We leave the Denims as they prepare for lunch and their Sunday.

This is Ima Dork for the TMI network, Good day.


The Gang's Momma! said...

What a fun little series! I'm impressed that you could string together more than three coherent words after the couple days you've had. And then you weave this whole reporter lingo thing. VunderVoman you are!

jugglingpaynes said...

Domino children! Line 'em up and watch 'em fall! How fun!

I hope Shaggy is OK. These pets of ours can worry us so. I send hugs for your family and prayers for his healing.

Peace and Laughter!

Mother Mayhem said...

Hope Shaggy is feeling better! :o)

Dapoppins said...

and nothing was injured during the making of this post?

your picture taking adventures sound a tad like mine.

Halfmoon Girl said...

If I had known you were doing a photo session, I would have prayed for you- the thought of some of ours make my head hurt...
I bet you got some cute ones though. And Ima, in defense of my friend, Mrs Denim- I think that Mini E's shirt pulled the whole ensemble together! Anyone can be all matchy matchy- it takes creativity to be all eclectic like that!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Will be praying for Shaggy.

TobyBo said...

I just want to say that the TMI channel is my new favorite. And I love that reporter Ima Dork.

Paula Vince said...

They look gorgeous, all four of them. I love your story about the perpetual chain reaction.