Friday, March 13, 2009

Follow-Up Question

Okay. So I didn't notice until Cristina pointed it out.
If you'll look at the first interview - there was supposed to be a #21.
I didn't see that because I paid no attention to the numbers. Honestly, I am rather fond of the household Dad. So I didn't leave the question out of the interview on purpose.

I think the question must have gotten eaten on Facebook.

So I did the next best thing -
I went to her brilliant interview and copied #21.
I asked the follow up question this morning.

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?

Everything. Most of the time.
Everything. Well, I don't really know. Let me think about it. Because.....(interrupted by J-man)
J-man: He's funny and he likes to play video games and Kissing.

The interview returns back to G-man:
.......I forgot. Oh, yeah -- Because he's funny.

I'm saying nothing.


Growin' With It said...

when my AJ prays at dinner time, he always runs through the list of who he's thankful for. when he says his's because he's fun...when he says his mama it's because she is loving. precious i tell ya!

Mother Mayhem said...

Kissing? TeeHee

I interviewed Emily too! :o)