Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sunday, we tried something new. We tried to make sopapillas to go with dinner. It was an interesting concept. I took on the project, as the Professor was making his own nachos variation. I looked up some recipes on line and barged right in.

I mixed up the dough - and had two batches. The second batch actually worked better than the first. Rolled out the dough - it was much like dumplings. :-) Fried Dumplings. We needed enough to go around - so I cut them into squares.

Aren't they pretty? I know, not really, they're just dough.

In my reading on the subject of sopapillas, I found someone's wisdom that said to make sure the oil was HOT enough...otherwise you're just boiling the little dumplin's in oil. Since we tend to be a bit ren. faire - ish, that brought a giggle to me.

Dumpling invaders!! Drop the Hot oil on 'em!!

I was really glad the little kids were asleep.

They are supposed to drop to the bottom:
And then pop back up. I loved this part. It was just fun. That was the other thing I read, you had to have enough oil for them to bob to the bottom and pop back up.

I realize I'm easily amused. I can't help it - it was fun.
The recipes I found on-line mentioned nothing of the cinnamon and sugar that made these fried bread thingys into sweet stuff -- so apparently sopapillas are fried bread and essentially, I made cinnamon toast.

After they puff up, which doesn't take long bobbing in that hot oil, I scooped them out and dumped them in a cake pan with cinnamon/sugar mix (that the Professor mixed up for me.)

Then we have this final product. They were quite the hit - even without honey.

I was really glad I tried this with the Professor around. I would not have tried this experiment with the little kids around.

It was good for the day though.


Halfmoon Girl said...

You are making me hungry!

Peculiar Blogs said...

MMMMMMMMMMm I will have to make some soon. I LOVE "soapy pillows" (that's what I called them when I was growing you can imagine, I got them quite a bit in New Mexico!)