Monday, May 12, 2008

A Memoir summary?

Classic Mama and Cristina both had the same tag me and see what my 6-word memoir would say. I had to think on this one.

Really hard.

There are so many words available to use. How in the world can I write a memoir in just 6 words?? Especially when I'm easily amused.

As of yesterday I'd managed to get it down to 7 selective words. do I really have to stick with just 6??

Here are the rules: (Who made up these rules, anyway?)

Write your own six-word memoir. Okay. Done.
Post it on your blog (Oh, that's the whole point, isn't it?) and include a visual demonstration if you'd like. (Ooo - my memoir is going to be illustrated?)
Link to the person who tagged you. (done. Go see what they wrote - they're really good.)
Tag 5 more people and link to them...then go and leave them comments asking them to play.
I'm terrible at the tagging part - because by the time I get to answering my tags, all my blogger buds have already (expertly) answered theirs. ...
I hereby - officially tag: -GottaGrowWithIt (Love her blog title and her wit) and Melanie at Countin' it all Joy (because she'd be good at this).
I know - it's only 2.
I can count.
It was random.

Without anymore rules here's my 6 word (minus 1) Memoir --

Laughing with God, constantly singing.

My visual image:

It cuts out all the learning and the "she was born in ..." - but there ya go.
Now, what would yours say?


TobyBo said...

is it just me? I only count 5 words...

you asked awhile back about what salt it is I use that Miss Dog Lover is so fond of... Morton iodized. Enjoy! :D

Amelia Antwiler said...

Leave it to you to see that - I left off a word, that I was originally going to use - because it didn't quite fit anymore - because I really wanted to use 7. *LOL*

So - I fixed my blog post for ya. :-)

Dapoppins said...

love that~

Melanie said...

Thanks for the Tag.. I played.

(just fyi... that's a 6 word comment.. not counting this parenthetcal. I think I shall speak in 6 word bursts all day today.)

TobyBo said...


So, inquiring minds want to know, what was word #7 you were not allowed to use??

Anonymous said...


Great to find you here. I logged back into my homeschoolblogger account after a 6 month blogging break b/c of a move and my husbands broken arm. Was trying to catch up on all my friends and found your new blog! I like it!! :) I was pondering moving my blog here too. Set up the template, but haven't moved here yet. Do you like it here better?

God bless

TobyBo said...

me again, I'm working on it, I'm working on it...

TobyBo said...

Ok. It's up. You've been warned *cough* notified.

TobyBo said...

Hi, Comfy.

I liked your story about the Hershey with almonds. :)

I really didn't not want to do the meme... just... I have one of those contrary minds. I am the person in the group who will always find the reasons something might not work even if I think it is a fantastic idea and am all for it. I always argue the other side. So, my mind naturally went obstinate on me.

I think the truth is distilling things down to 6 words is intimidating. I could maybe get a title in 6 words but would like more like 6 volumes for the rest.

Growin' with it said...

No prob on the tag. I loved the thought. Hey, how's that new dog doing? I'm anxious for some posts on your adventures!

Vicki said...

Hi! Lol, thanks for the comments! I've been out of town without PC, so a bit behind on blogs. I also want to know what your seventh word is! Off to catch up, have a great day!

jugglingpaynes said...

I love it! And I think it's great that you whittled it down to five words! I had trouble just getting mine down to six!

Peace and Laughter!

KarenW said...

Excellent memoir!

Peculiar Blogs said...

I love your answer! It is so, so YOU!

Halfmoon Girl said...

What hills are we meeting in? I will absolutely bring what is left of the cake. This is one time where I could actually run with a cake and it wouldn't make a difference in the appearance of it. Heck, I could even stuff it in my packback so my hands are free to bring more stuff like drinks and pillow to sit on so our heinies don't get numb while we sit in the bush eating chocolate cake!