Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roar of the Subway

I think it's safe to come out now. The roar of the Subway was getting a bit much. I don't think I've seen homeschoolers in such an uproar in a very long time.

In case you hadn't heard Subway had a contest. Which lead to such a roar that I had to shake my head in wonderment. Subway has finally issued a formal apology - yet, for some blogger moms that I've stumbled upon it's not enough.

THE BEST response I've read to the hub-bub has been here. And I found her through a homeschool loop. I think the up roar started in a homeschool loop. Gotta be careful the stuff that gets posted on a loop.

I really don't understand why homeschoolers got crazy about this. How many people were going to actually enter the contest?? I wasn't.

I realize that the phraseology was a bit exclusionary and they should have said "no groups smaller than 20 members".

But sheesh!! what an uproar.

Maybe my shock comes in my background. I was homeschooled in the dark ages.

Well, it was dark for us. We were about the only homeschoolers around in the '80's where I grew up in Oklahoma. We finally found enough people to form a smallish group - but there was nothing when we started. I remember my mom starting us with OLD school books before we finally hit our stride with Christian Liberty Satellite School and then Abeka through Highschool.

Talk about excluded.
Now there are soooooo many that instead of throwing a fit about the one that says "no homeschoolers" -- go sign up for the contests that don't care!!

I read many things about the Scholastic book giveaway. That a homeschooler would be most happy to win second prize. 'kay. See?? I don't get this part.

I must need to go investigate Scholastic again.
In my memory - they were distrusted by homeschoolers because they were anti-Christian and pro-humanistic. Not to mention pro-school. I'm guessing they've changed ... which would be good.

I agree that homeschoolers should be civic minded...but not against a sandwich company.
One blogger mom ranted about the contest with the same vehemence that she ranted about the apparent autonomy of a Child Protective Service and their abuse of power.

I do not see them as the same evil.

Subway can't take away my children.

Why did we get in such an uproar over a sandwich contest?? Think of the homeschoolers in Germany that have their children taken away. If we want to get upset about being excluded in the word as homeschoolers - what about my tax dollars being spent on a public school system of which I want nothing to do with??

This had no effect on my right to vote, free speech, right to carry a gun, the right to go about as I darn well want. It has no effect on whether or not my hubby can make money to support us. It did not change the Oklahoma laws that don't require me to have a teaching license to teach my own children. I can still attend church the way I want to. I can still worship God in the way I want to.

I was not threatened at all by the Subway exclusion and think that, well, Frankly, the subway uproar has been silly.

My energies could be used elsewhere and eating at Subway may just be one of them.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Make mine a foot long chicken on whole wheat and I'll be right there to join you. I find it a bit much that everyone thinks everything should be inclusive- girls fighting to join boy scouts, men protesting women's only fitness clubs. I may sound like my dad, but I want to just say "get a life and go do something for others" to people who scream about it too much. Something to be said for being politically incorrect sometimes.

The Gang's Momma! said...

I'll take a seafood salad on honey oat with black olives and (gasp!!) EXTRA MAYO please :) How's that for politically incorrect?!

Well said, my dear. I think (and I'm aware that I'm only a "partial homeschooler" this year!) that most of the time, we cry foul too quickly over things that do not have eternal impact. To the rest of the world around us, it comes off as a tiny little chicken screaming into a hurricane.

Better for us to lovingly, kindly, and politely (with proper English and great grammar!!!!) express ourselves to the issue/offender directly - if we must at all. This screaming around the blogosphere rubs me the wrong way! (See my posts on the Mothers' Day contest by NBC and Teleflora!)

I appreciate your insights on this for sure!

Peculiar Blogs said...

here here! I take a BMT!! MMMMMMMMMM yummy!

Melanie said...

WHEW!! Good post!! I hadn't heard this uproar yet, but I certainly agree with your take!

NeeCee said...

Wow, looks like I missed all the fun. Had absolutely no clue about any uproar, which is probably best. I have enough uproar in my life without making a mountain out of a mole hill about a sandwich contest. :0)

Paula Vince said...

I only just that minute read about the Subway issue on another blog before crossing to catch up with yours. We have Subway outlets over here too, but they didn't have that competition. Sounds like they won't be doing it again, anyway!

Melanie said...

Hey... go visit my blog.. I kind of just posted my thoughts about this subway fiasco, and I kind of mentioned your blog a bit because I kind of agree with you.. but I kind of see the other side too... so kindly kind of let me know what you think...

jugglingpaynes said...

Come on, Comfy. You have to admit it was funny! Consider it practice for fighting the real fights. ;o) You are right though, it was much ado about nothing and I'm glad they apologized and it's over.

Some day you have to elaborate on your own homeschooling experience. I would love to hear more about it. Were you homeschooled all the way through?

Peace and Laughter,