Monday, February 4, 2008

No love for the monarchy..

We started reading "Can't You Make them Behave, King George?" on Friday, while we were waiting at the pharmacy's drive-thru. Yesterday, everyone was on everyone else's nerves. So I decided to get the book out and finish the story.

Along with the story, I thought I'd have a look-see for some coloring pages to go with our story. I actually found some at Love to Learn Place .. under their Patriotic Coloring category. (I googled and they were a search find.) I even found a coloring sheet of good ol' king George. I learned stuff about King George that I hadn't remembered or learned before. The book was fun to read as a read a-loud. Mini-Me got quite the jollies out of the thought of the King making the queen's hairdresser serve food to save money.

I also printed off a colonial lady and a revolutionary recruit for the kids to color. G-man rejected the colonial lady (on the grounds that it was a girly picture).

Then we read the rest of the story.

He colored. Mini-Me colored. It was great.

Then he handed me back the picture of King George, "I don't really want to color this- I don't like him."

Ah. A true revolutionary.
King George would want to punch him in the nose.

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TobyBo said...

but of course what I want to know is... did you cry?

I cry at almost anything, makes Miss Language nuts. She can't believe I even cry when Babe herds the sheep.