Monday, January 14, 2008

Surprise inspiration..

We don't have cable. Which makes it really fun when the "Dish People" call and say, "We can save you so much money on your cable bills" and I can say "No you can't.". I just hoot with laughter.

Because we don't have cable, we made the choice to buy videos and DVD's. We had a complete set of Veggie Tales and Blues Clues when M & G were younger. Now we have Kim Possible and BackYardigans and ...well... many more.

It helps pass the boring time when we don't want to read or watch football. A side note: The kids are convinced the Professor likes football because he watches it all the time. He doesn't particularly care for it one way or the other - he just watches it when nothing else is on.

Hence the videos.

We've acquired many. We've out grown many. I've gotten choosy which is a good thing.

Because our library has grown, The Professor and I were going through our Videos. I threw out some VHS tapes that I haven't watched in over 10 years and he threw out a few movies that he deemed were mediocre.

In the mix, he stumbled across a video simply marked "The Three Musketeers". I said, "Ooo, is that the one with Erroll Flynn in it? The kids might like that." Knowing the Professor, though, it might have been the Disney Version with Chris O'Donnell.

So we put it in and pushed play.
The Credits started to play...
Lana Turner...
The Professor had a copy of Gene Kelly's version of "The Three Musketeers"!! My mouth fell agape and he just shrugged.

The professor tends to avoid most farce movies so I was surprised that he had this in his video library. (Our videos have always been a Yours, mine and Ours kind of thing. It gives us plausible deniability. For instance, I refuse to claim some of his movies as mine. He refuses to claim some of mine.)

So we put Gene Kelly in the tape player and let it play. I never thought they'd watch the entire thing...I was wrong.

G-man asked to watch it the next day. So we put it in.

Somewhere in the middle of the film he said, with a bit of awe in his voice, he said, "Can I pretend to be a musketeer?"

My reply was: "Of course, you can. Go for it."

I no longer have 2 batmen or Bible Men or Supermen...I now have a Batman and a Musketeer.

It's just too much fun!!


Katie said...

Macy loves the Backyardigans! We have so many of the dvd's and of course all 5 plushy things. What is Uniqua anyway?

Dapoppins said...

I would love to see that. My daughter likes musicals, my sons pretend not to...but they still know alot of the songs and words from the stage version of Peter Pan.

TobyBo said...

I love it. I will have to look for this one, we know lots of musicals but somehow have missed that one.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Gene Kelly! :o)

Kelli said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy this!!