Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh, Christmas!

You know...if you say that ("O, Christmas") with the right tone of voice and inflection - you'd sound like you were swearing.

I've been wondering what to blog about since Christmas is long gone and I've been sharing a computer with Webkinz and a computer playing hubby. So I've been focusing on other things...but today I had a moment and thought I'd peek my head out of the laundry pile and let you know that I'm still here.

Busy...but here.

Our Christmas was good. I have to admit that I had the most difficult time shopping this year. As I'd walk around and look at things, it just looked like STUFF to me. Stuff to store, stuff to clean up, stuff to protect from little fingers -- just stuff.

I wandered and wandered and at first all my shopping looked like it was going to be fruitless. But then I found G-man's gifts. He got a bunch of Playmobil pirate stuff. And should he ever get anymore, we'll assemble it the NIGHT Before. Not in the chaos of the morning.

I think finding his stuff broke off the blockage that was keeping inspiration at bay.

Then Came Christmas morning.
Mini-Me was happy. G-man was happy. But if J & Mini-E could have had a christmas gift swap they would have.
I bought him wooden blocks - She loved them.
I bought her giant legos (because she likes stacking them) - He liked them.
Grandma bought him a VSmile Pocket - She liked it more.
It was just kind of crazy. Are 2 year olds too young for gift cards??
How about near 4 year olds?

So now Christmas has been gone for a while and the "stuff" is secured among the rest of the stuff - and the Laundry Pile is as back to normal as we get. :-) Just in time for Mini-E to officially turn 2. Valentine's day.

Bring it.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Our 4 year old is a Valentine's baby too. I get a kick out of the people who say, "0h, you and your hubby must have had quite the romantic night!" when I tell them that. I'm like "no, he was BORN on Valentine's!"

Dapoppins said...

My daughter turns four the day after Valentines day! Glad you had a good Christmas and that you all are doing well.