Sunday, September 16, 2007

I thought it would get easier....

I was wrong.
I had a catchier title than that earlier, but then I wrestled Mini-E.
Then J-man wanted to talk about anything and nothing just to stay awake. He's nothing, if not persistent. I got a few pages read in my book before he finally gave up wakefulness for sleepfulness.

Then came a different sort of challenge. How to bathe a cat. Bathtub or Kitchen sink with a sprayer hose. (and how did an inside cat get a few fleas? I'm trying to figure that one out. She'll probably end up at the vet for an anti-flea bath because I don't want to do it.) Ended up in the kitchen - sprayer hose worked wonders on getting the soap out. You know, If I had a glass shower door, I'd just turn on the shower and let her go wild. Every so often maybe squirt some soap over the top.

That's a great visual.

Back to my title. I thought it would get easier as the kids got older to be able to do what I needed to do. Or wanted to do. I was so wrong it's not even funny.

I hate being wrong.

That's why I'm not blogging much. Blogging without Obligation is a must - but lately I can add sporadically to my list of adverbs. I've fallen way behind on reading other blogs because my computer time is very slim lately. Really, I just wanted you to know I was still breathing and still capable of typing.

I just can't seem to coordinate blogging with the current school year. I don't know how other moms do it - teach, run homes and blog about it.

I don't want you to worry about me - I'll pop in and out (i hope) - because who else would I share my random thoughts with?? For instance....

Today I was loading the washing machine with Whites. Among the dingy whites were a few new articles of white clothing. You know how if you put some new articles of COLORED clothes in a load of laundry (say, BLUE or RED) how sometimes the dye will wash off and splatter on other clothes??

I wish Whites did the same thing. By washing New articles of white clothing among the older articles of white clothing (or formerly white) the older articles would be come WHITER. That would be just cool.

And for some reason, while I was thinking on that -- another thought popped up in my laundry filled brain. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Much like my wish for whites brightening other whites in the laundry, we need to hang out with Believers that will sharpen us and cause us to grow. We need to hang out with Iron Christians so that Our Iron will be sharpened. It's so easy to hang out with people that don't cause us to grow - that will allow us to stay the same.

I know that I don't want to stay where I am and I know where I've been. I want to go higher and deeper. I'm looking to find Iron Sharpeners in my relationships. Now granted, sometimes we're the Sharpeners and not the sharpenees - but we have to be careful not to get prideful or allow ourselves to get dull.

Ah, but now it's time to get back to laundry. I've got buckets and buckets to fold - and speech therapy tomorrow.

See you on the other side of the Laundry Pile.


NeeCee said...

I have one dog that is a nightmare to bathe. I have had the EXACT same thought about putting her in my shower, close the door and hope she runs around in there long enough to get clean. :0)

Don't worry about not having time to blog. With school started again, I've been slow to blog myself. When I do, its in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep, except me. lol

Mrs. Darling said...

It is hard to find time to blog. But blogging keeps me centered and focused. I get up between four and five in the morning and have my quiet time and blog!

Halfmoon Girl said...

You cracked me up this morning when I read your warning about not wearing a black and yellow striped shirt! thanks.

I love what you had to say about who we hang out with. Great post.

i am finding it harder to blog now too. We understand

Shalene said...

I think we're all finding it harder to blog. Me too, especially with #5 baby on the way. The summer was just so easy. There seemed to be so much more time. Now there is none, and I don't feel good to boot. Oh well, God will make a way. I know this. He called me to it, and He will make a way so long as it is His will that I continue. (That and I just really like it.) Stop by sometime. :) Blessings sister.

Tracy said...

Sorry, I was laughing thinking about your poor kitty in the sink being sprayed with the sprayer. Poor thing! Bet that was easy!

A&EMom said...

During the summer months, we use some kind of monthly topical flea stopper on the cat. Of course her fleas come by way of the dog, should I forget it's liquid pesticide spot.

Many internet jokes about bathing cats in the toilet exist. My favorite is "How to give a cat a pill" which also involves the use of a toilet. I laughed so hard I cried. Many stopped by my office to see what the fuss was all about. Sadly, I was unable to tell them... just gesture at a piece of paper making monkey noises.

A&EMom said...

I was wrong, it doesn't involve a toilet, but it is still just as funny as I remember...

Anonymous said...

Trust me, we all understand. The fancy footloose days of summer are definitely fleeing and all of our time is being rearranged but it too shall be for a season.

We do not have animals but the kitty in the shower thing had me chuckling for a long time. :)

The Gang's Momma! said...

I'm there with ya! I don't remember having such a difficult time re-adjusting to the demands of the clock and the school calendar. Maybe it's that I resent it more this year? Maybe it's that I'm getting older and am more aware of the fleeting nature of down-time with my kids? Maybe I'm a stick in the mud who hates change? I'm working through similar issues and begging God to help me manage my time better.

Blogging is such a necessary outlet for me, now that I've started it. It's like I have all this writing in me and now that I let a little trickle out, it's gushing and I can't find enough buckets to pour it into! Sometimes, I pull back, skip a day or two and find it so hard to get the words to flow again. And I have found, for ME, that when I set aside time to get my thoughts out, I'm processing other parts of my life with more clarity. Like I've made more room in that cavernous space in my head :)

But again, I know those blahs. I've got those blahs and some of their friends lurking around when I'm not corralling them!

KarenW said...

I'm finding blogging time difficult too. Life in the states is hectic!!! (not that Romania was easy, it just wasn't hectic.)

jugglingpaynes said...

Just so you know, writing your own thoughts always takes priority over reading the thoughts of others. We'll still be here when you have time. :o)
And don't worry, they do get older and more independent. I check on the 14yo from time to time, but she really is pretty independent with her studies now.
Give the cat a teaspoon of Brewer's yeast every day. That should keep the fleas off. Our indoor cats had a terrible infestation one year when we brought in our indoor plants for the winter. Fleas are good at hitching rides.
Peace and Laughter,

TobyBo said...

you have a great idea about that whites washing onto other colors thing. That would be awesome.

Enjoy the fancy car. I'm glad no one was hurt.