Thursday, September 27, 2007

Connect the spots??

Did you know that the Chinese actually have characters for "Chicken Pox"? I didn't either.

That's okay, I wasn't exactly prepared for my immunized child to come down with chicken pox, either. We'd been fighting a mild flea infestation. Saturday night and Sunday morning, we noted that mini-E had MANY bites around her ankles and on her feet.

Seeing the bumps made me so frustrated because it just seemed that we never got the best of the fleas. I think I killed the vacuum with a powder we put down. Then I really noticed that she had bumps on her hands and arms -- and on her body. I figured I would have noticed at least ONE flea on the poor baby. Or somewhere else.

My hubby decided that the bites were no longer bites and weren't "natural" (considering things like a normal skin irritation). She went to the doctor bright and early on Tuesday. Especially, considering she had more spots on her stomach, back and thighs.

"She's had all her shots, right?" was his professional question.

Firstly, he should know. He's seen her since she was born.
Secondly, He should KNOW.
But I answered, Yes. Do you think it's chicken pox?

He did. He asked me if the bumps emerged as blisters and I said yes - that's how I noticed the ones on her feet. As I was putting her in the truck to go to church, the sun glinted on them just right. They were, indeed, tiny blister-like bumps.

He said "That's why they now recommend the booster shot." I wanted to retort - but she's 19 months! She's not OLD Enough for the booster!!

But I held my tongue. It's easy to do when you're reeling from the sudden realization that your child is a) contagious and b) you took her to church when she was most contagious. I"m really glad that God is bigger than sickness and the name of Jesus is bigger than the name of varicella.

If any of the other kids are going to get spots, it'll be J-man. I've been watching him. I've already cancelled speech therapy, just in case. G-man has had the booster, so I really think he'll be safe.

Mini-Me?? Oh, she's a hoot. She's staying a room's length away from the littles just in case.
She's also said "I'd rather have the shot than the chicken pox. thank you."
This has led us to discussions about living in fear...but it's hard to do that when you're laughing.
Yesterday I was sitting behind her and said "Oh, my gosh, Mini-Me!! You've got spots!!" She whirled around, eyes wide as saucers, "WHERE?!?!"

I said "Right there. They're called freckles." While I was rolling on the floor laughing, she got up and moved to sit on the couch and tell me "that wasn't funny."

"Yes, it was."

Besides being really funny, it's really beside even my point...
I'm really fighting hard not to connect E's spots to see if they make a picture.


jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! I gave you a "You Make Me Smile" award. It's on the HSB blog when you have time to pick it up.
Tell me, did you go back to my May archives to read up on Chicken Pox? We got it from a friend who's kids created a minor outbreak, including 2 or 3 kids who had had the vaccine.
The problem with the pox is that the contagious period is so long that if you waited for all of your kids to develop it or not, you would be stuck at home for several months.
BTW, if you do connect the spots, tell me what picture you get. ;o)
Peace and Laughter,

Vicki said...

Yea, that was really funny about Minni Me's spot....had me laughing!
Hope the chicken pox goes away soon and does't spread too far.


Katie said...

Oh yeah, the pox sucks. My kids all had it and Macy, the lucky little darling she is, has had it twice. Figure that. *most* people only get it once!!!
I feel for you guys. Lots of oatmeal baths.

NeeCee said...

I'm sorry about the chicken pox!

We are battling fleas ourselves and they seem to be winning despite, spraying, powdering, bathing dogs, vacuuming everything in sight over and over again. Grrr!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Ugh, not fun. Hopefully she doesn't get too uncomfortable. Everyone but Little M has had them. We don't vaccinate, but that is a whole other controvesial post. Only one of the kids got a pretty good case, the other two barely got any. I, on the other hand, got them when I was 14 and had as many as my freckles (aka a massive amount!) I was miserable!!! I hope that it passes quickly!

KarenW said...

Poor little mini- E. I hope she's not too miserable. My son had chicken pox at 15 months and although he had a good case of them, it was an easy ordeal. My youngest had a very light case of chicken pox. It was so light, I don't know if I would have noticed it except my other daughter had them at the same time - a horrible case. Anyway. I wonder if my youngest will need a booster shot.

I hope Mini-E is better soon and no one else gets it!