Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day Two...

I feel like I should be sitting out in the wilderness somewhere writing a title like that.

"Day two, and my water is running out... There's no sign of rain. The thirst is becoming more than I can bear."

but no. I just FEEL like I should.
It was a very dramatic title. I felt like it should have an exciting story to go with it.

but no. I just feel like it should.

It's actually Day two of me giving up Diet Coke.

I've given it up before. I once detoxed myself off of caffeine at the same time I had the flu. I mean, headaches are headaches.

Then I got back on it - due to work and life. And no real big desire to stay 'off the juice'.

Then I was de-caff during four pregnancies. and It was after Mini-E, that I really became addicted again. I mean SERIOUSLY addicted.

So addicted that those t-shirts that say 'there's too much blood in my caffeine system' were hillarious.

And true.

I loved the taste, too. Not so much anymore. Now I'm just drinking it because it's habit. Some drinks just taste better than others. There's a major difference between the fountain drinks vs the bottled stuff I buy from the grocery story.

So after our van issues, I did some thinking about the cost of choosing the more expensive drugs and that was a factor in desiring to quit. I failed miserably the first week. So much so that it was just talk and intentions.

Health wise, too, I think it's hindering my sinuses. It's time to make a change.

Then I had the Monday from hell. Major Migraine. I medicated with diet coke, some major advil and someone else cooking.

Yesterday and today, I've had about half my normal consumption of  the stuff. So Yay! That's an improvement. I did find myself slightly grumpier as my blood reacquainted itself with ... itself.

Since we can't pick and choose the times the family barometers will fluctuate - there's no time like today to make the choice. (Which means, I can't wait for the house to be sweet and peaceful to break the habit relating to one of my major comfort foods.)

Something else that's been reaffirmed. I've never been one to quantify addictions. An addiction is an addiction is an addiction. Some are truly harder to get over than others. Sex/drugs/alcohol/food. Doesn't matter.

I will be cheering as loud as I can for the next person who tells me, 'I've been clean/sober for ____ days/weeks/months/years'.

It's Day 2.
I feel silly.
And that's a good thing.

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jugglingpaynes said...

You poor thing! You've really been through the wringer lately. {{{hugs}}}
On the plus side, at least it's gotten you writing on your blog again.
I've only given up coffee once since I started caffeinating, and that was because I had intense morning sickness with my third. The headaches were horrible. I empathize with your pain. I found it helped to do some slow breathing and put a cool wet cloth on the back of my neck to work through the pain.
May tomorrow have less stress.

Peace and Laughter!

P.S.: Why has it gotten so hard to prove I'm not a robot?