Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Talk of Marriage...

J-man has a very unique talent. 
It's a talent to have something to talk about - at probably the most unlikely times. 
Invariably, this conversation is deep.

DEEP, I tell you. 
We've discussed his fear of death.
Video Games.
My hair.....

okay. Not all our conversations are deep. 

But you can see why I was a little trepidatious when he followed me to the bathroom (yes, you read that right) telling me he needed to talk to me. Privately. 

I had this little lurch in my heart. I asked myself, could I handle the question?  Would I fly off the handle? Would I answer incorrectly?

"Mom, do you think that one day some girl will want to marry me?"




I had two choices. I could go all serious. 
Or I could try levity. 

I tried both.

I blinked at him. 

Slowly... I told him...


He stared at me and I smiled, "You're seven. You're not allowed to get married."

He laughed, his blue eyes lit up and the mood shifted.

"No, Mooooom. Later. when I'm grown up?"

"Yes. Someday some girl is going to LOVE being married to you."

He appeared dubious.

I nodded... "I promise."

I could have pointed out that Uncle Kick-butt finally got himself hitched -- but figured that was a conversation for another time. 

He smiled..he hugged me.


My little guy's a budding romantic.
To his future wife???

You're welcome.


A&EMom said...

Mine asked my mom the other day if she'd like to die by fire. Most kids ask your favorite color.

I think I like J's conversations better!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Awwwww, how cute is that. J-man IS gonna be a great hubby some day! That he even THINKS about it now is LIGHT YEARS ahead of most members of his species :)

I always tell my boys that the reason they do so many chores and have to learn how to take care of kids and the house and so on is cuz it's my personal mission to make my daughters-in-law WORSHIP THE GROUND I WALK ON someday :)

Is that a wrong motive? :P

CrossView said...

*sniff* NO! I tell mine they're never allowed to get married. Or leave. Ever.