Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthdays and accidental traditions...

Some months ago, in preparing for a get together with my family, I mentioned to my mom, "Why don't we just have pizza? Wouldn't that be easier?"

She pointed out that we seem to have that during birthday events. Which is true. There isn't much else to order/prepare that won't heat up my small kitchen or will be as readily received. Pizza has become my go-to food for birthday nights.

I'm not sure what's going to happen when the kids start asking for their favorite foods on their birthdays. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Pizza on a birthday has become an accidental tradition. This fact became glaringly obvious yesterday.

Yesterday was my birthday.

The kids decided to take care of me. I had breakfast in bed. Eggs and toast. 
Then, thanks The Professor's tutelage, they teamed up (which proves that they can work together) to make a cake.  It was a sweet moment. They made my favorite - strawberry. 

Apparently, they spilled batter on the floor. 
Mini-Me came to me and said, "Um... don't come out (of your room) but's the windex?"

So the cake was made (it was a little flat). They forgot to grease the pan which was a fun situation when it came time to dish it out. At first the kids were surprised that I'd serve cake before lunch. 

"It's my birthday!" said I. (And there wasn't anyone else coming) So I spooned out cake into bowls. 

Mini-E looked at her cake and then looked at me, "Where's the pizza?"

Accidental tradition achieved.

There's a rather ironic side-story that happened during the week. 

My mom was going to sit with the kids so The Professor and I could have a night out. When discussing having food on-hand for Mom to prepare for their dinner, The Professor said, "Well, let's just order Pizza. It's easier and it is a payday."

It's another level of tradition. 


Okay. So my birthday included the kids making breakfast and lunch. I didn't worry about school - I read a novel. The Professor gave me new ear buds for my MP3 player and Season Three of Burn Notice. Mini-Me made me a cat, G-man made me a decoration, J-man made me a necklace and Mini-E gave me some drawings. She's quite fun. 

The way they took care of me just blessed me. It was better than mother's day. ^_^ 

To answer Toby's question... For my birthday, my In-Laws gave me a gift certificate to Amazon. I just didn't know what I wanted. Last year, I knew I wanted shoes of awesomeness. This year...I just didn't know. 

I love gift cards. It's the chance to buy yourself something you might not ordinarily purchase for yourself.

So for my birthday I bought Music. 

It was The Professor's idea. He told me "You're hard to buy for. Michael Buble came up on the recommendation list...." 

"I don't like him," I interrupted.


"He's a poser." 

"Got that. You're hard to buy for. Why don't you buy music?"

So I did.

I bought a CD from The Fray. An album I didn't have by Kelanie Gloeckler. I purchased the soundtracks from Fast Five. I enjoy that movie. Because I was feeling adventurous, I ordered "Doo-Wap and Hooligans" by Bruno Mars. I've not heard his music before but I liked the title. It made me smile. 

Just for Randomness - I bought a book on Castles. 

From my own personal wishlist I bought a copy of Animusic 2. 

If you've not heard of them -- Let me share. 

There were lots of comments on Facebook wishing me a happy birthday - I wish I could save them all and put them in my "I don't suck" file. 

All in all - it was a good birthday. When my box of music arrives, It'll be just a continuation of the celebration. 

For our date, The Professor and I went to dinner at an artsy sort of place just to try something new. Then we went to see Thor. I really liked the movie. It was so much better than the green hornet which, really, -- it sucked. 

While we were at the theater, my brother texted me and asked, "So how does it feel to have more experience at being 25?"

He gets me. He knows that my age and my brain are not the same. 

I mentioned that If I knew THEN what I know now, I kinda wonder how much more I might have accomplished. 

He said, "You'd have gone nuts."

He was right. THEN - I was in no position to break out of a mold...I had no support. 
It took a journey to get here to the NOW.

The journey is not over. Far from it in fact -- but without all the in-between stuff that's happened, I wouldn't be 

And I pretty much rock. 

It was a good birthday.


Kelli said...

You absolutely rock! Hurrah for cake in a bowl, pizza, music and more Notes from the Laundry Pile. :) I am so glad you are alive!

Vicki said...

My thoughts exactly! You rock!!

Oh! My iPhone seems to like blogger better then the office computer so guess I should warn you, I'M BACk !! (sung in a creepy sort singsongy way =}

My cPtion Thimbu is: taterst

Hahahaha. Makes me hungry for tater tots!

Mother Mayhem said...

♫ HaPpY BiRtHdAy! ♫

Belatedly, but just as heartfelt! :o)

Paula Vince said...

You know, pizza is pretty much a birthday tradition around here too, and we've certainly got enough outlets in our town.
So you've chalked up another birthday and it sounds like an enjoyable one.
Do you really have an "I don't suck" file? That doesn't sound like a bad idea.