Monday, May 16, 2011

End of the year assessments...

Am I the only home school mom who analyzes the school year? I suspect I'm not. My year-end assessments are not always useful though. Sometimes they just bring about a sense of frustration and, often, regret. 

We didn't play enough games.
...go enough places.
...J-man's still having problems with his 'r' sounds.
...G-man has problems focusing..
 ...Mini-Me has an attitude problem ...
 ...I gave up too much ground. 
...I didn't do this -- or that --

I could compile a list until I just want to cry. On bad days, I do compile the lists and I do cry. Today though? I'll refrain. You're welcome.

Just a for instance, I've threatened over this last school year that I'd just send the kids to public school. At least then, I'd have someone to blame for the problems
You know, someone other than ME

Even in the midst of the challenges, someone comes along and whispers to me that, really you did okay. I did okay.

The kids are still breathing.
Mini-Me's problems are age-related, not mom related.
G-man's focus issues are ... gender related. 
The r's? That just requires him to think about what he's saying. 

I enjoy realizations such as that. Along with the fact that I did more than I didn't. If that made sense to you. Yay you! All in all - I think we've moved forward this year. Sure there were LOTS of emotions at work. And not every day was good - okay -- many days were NOT good. 

Still... we survived. 

All other things (like going places, doing thins) will come into place as the kids mature.

One thing that WILL change this next school year -- we'll be switching math programs. We're currently use Abeka and it's worked for us (with much tweaking) --- until now. 

Now that Mini-Me is in the end of the 6th grade, I'm faced with the stark realization that I can not teach 6th grade math. I mean, I understand it...but to EXPLAIN it to my ANALYTICAL daughter who keeps asking me... BUT WHY??

I need more than what ABeka is giving me to teach with. They really do gear most of their curriculum for a school setting. Franky, it's annoying. I see no reason to subject her to one of their optional teaching DVD's. Because frankly? Doing EVERYTHING from the ABeka math book would be BOOOOORING. And since she's already convinced that Math is boring, I'm not risking it. 

So I'm going to put her in Saxon. We both need the different explanations available. 

My next challenge is getting G-man to focus. Anything... ANY... thing is a distraction for him. Distracting him and turning and thirty-minute project into a 2 hour project. I've nearly decided that I need to sit exactly beside him and WATCH him until he finishes. Sort of have a private school just for him.

There are tears more often than not. 
But - -there are the fun moments. 
Reading about Queen Elizabeth I, G-man found someone he could rather admire. "Mom, she wasn't wanted. She was an outcast but she was Great." 

I love moments like that.
I've nearly decided that he may actually be my unschooler.

I know we'll have summer school because J-man and Mini-E are not where I want them to be, or where they deserve but I'm actually looking forward to the task.

Now, here's hoping that I don't distract myself

Oh, yeah. 
I can't deny it. 
G-man comes by it naturally.


jugglingpaynes said...

I find that this is where it is helpful that I'm required to fill out quarterly reports. It forces me to focus on what they accomplished rather than worrying over what they didn't. Focus on the negative in this state and school district officials may decide you shouldn't be teaching them!

I find unschooling harder than following a curriculum. I really need to focus on what their interests are and then find resources to support those interests before they aren't...interesting. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Mrs Q said...

When my kids were toddlers I used to lie in bed and night and remind myself of what I did accomplish in the day - the nappies (diapers) changed, the tummies fed and the washing done. It helps to focus on the positives. I don't think any homeschool Mum (Mom) gets to the end of the school year and has met all of those unrealistic expectations we had at the start of the year. I had a massive curriculum change for my 13 year old son from last year and we are loving it. It's good to remember that the curriculum is made for you and you're not made for the curriculum so use it to suit your needs. I'm a maths person so you can always email me any questions if you want help! And thanks for the interpreting offer - I may take it up one day in the distant future!

Mother Mayhem said...

I beat myself up on a daily basis... Then I stop and remember that Sweetums was supposed to "live" on life support in a vegetative state. Sure puts things in perspective for me in a hurry. ;o)