Saturday, June 5, 2010

I had a birthday...

It seemed odd to go from announcing death to celebrating a birthday so I hesitated to post. Then I was busy and forgot to post.

I celebrated my birthday on the same day I always celebrate - June 1st.

I called my mom and was prepared to ask her to sit with the kids so The Professor and I could go out and eat. And maybe a movie. She surprised me - by telling me she was going to give me the entire day.

She meant it, too. She showed up at my house at 7am.
Mini-Me was surprised. My mom is a night-owl. So Mini-Me wondered how my mom was going to get here at 7am if she stays up late.

I was too excited to sleep in. An entire day to myself!!!! I got up to check the bank account. and Mini-Me told me to go back to bed. She wanted to bring me breakfast in bed. I had already taken my shower. I'd already gotten dressed (unhindered! Uninterrupted!) and I was ready to go. But dutifully, I went back to bed.

I had breakfast in bed. Eggs, toast, sausage links and a bit of diet coke. I would say that my birthday was off to a good start - but it had actually started really good the night before. The Professor made me a birthday cake. :-)

I went shopping and bought some much needed t-shirts. I bought some new CD's that I didn't need. I met my very good friend for lunch, giggles and commiseration.

I went to the local bread place with wifi. I checked facebook. I laughed. I wrote. I got a phone call from a friend in Oregon. Surprise!!! I would have talked her ear off if it hadn't been her dime and in the middle of the bread place.

Too distracted to write. I headed home. BeeBopping to my new music. On my new birthday gift. Remember the radio for the Van??

Mom had told me on a phone call before my birthday that maybe I might want to get 'prissed up'. Which made me think that was a hint that perhaps I was leaning on the jeans and t-shirts far too much. The Professor tells me I am doing fine. Mom tells me "That's how you got him." (The prissing up) (not exactly true..but what can ya do?)

So I bought a new tunic from one of my favorite stores. The clerk told me I needed strappy sandals. So I bought some on sale. Mine are clunky and far from strappy.

I headed home and changed clothes for my night out. We had steak. And I had two birthday margaritas. I'm 37. I'm allowed. It turned out to be an interesting experiment. I got sloshy after the two of the - and I wanted to know what would happen if I had a third. I"m a writer. I need practical experience (The closest I've ever come to being drunk was after coming out of anesthetic and after coming out from under a blast from Holy Spirit)

The Professor laughed and told me that if I did (have the 3rd one) I'd likely fall asleep. Which might be true. Now we'll never know.

By the way, He did say I looked nice.

We headed to the movies to watch the Prince of Persia save the world. We were both entertained. I liked Robin Hood better, I think. Not sure. I won't let my kids see Prince of Persia for a while. There are some creepy images that might disturb some sleep - but other than that - it was pretty good.

All in all - it was a fantastic birthday.

One of the best parts?? Wearing my shoes of awesomeness and having people notice. :-D

My gift from my In-Laws:
One day, I might tell you how they came about...but in the mean time - bask in their awesomeness and laugh at me.
I'm 37.
Going on 25.


Kelli said...

Love it. Love it all. It sounds like a perfect day to me. Happy Birthday, Comfy Denim. I love your wit, your humor, your unwavering friendship across the miles, and miles. You are my favorite person that I have never met. I'll keep on picturing you in those shoes and smile. :)

CrossView said...

Wow! Happy Birthday!

Sounds like a perfect day... A date, time with friends, and time alone? All in the same day? I'm jealous here but happy for you! ;o)

call*me*kate said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day (a day all to yourself PLUS a date with your husband - way cool!) Love your shoes. I'm so happy for you! May God bless your 37th year!
- Kate

Halfmoon Girl said...

hmmm, you might have gotten a few entertaining blog posts out of that 3rd margarita. You're we will never know- maybe next year when you turn 38! Glad you got that whole day- that is truly awesome.

TobyBo said...

ooooh, those ARE shoes of awesomeness. :)

Dapoppins said...

I looked at sketchers for big kids, you know the kind that look a little like the Ed Hardy shoes only with more kid friendly glitz? but the price....those are some cute shoes too, I would wear them. Glad you had such a nice birthday!