Monday, May 3, 2010

Question every thing??

Mini-Me questions everything. And it's not that she's asking "Why?" or anything...
she's just full of questions.

Which, if you think about it, is probably better than some things..

The "Give Blood" billboard brought the question "Can someone have too much blood?" - The answer is yes. we asked a nurse. It's rare...but it does happen. And you can also have too little.

Then there's the "What happens if tidal waves hit each other?"
um -- they make a big splash? we talked about waves and how I don't think they'd actually "hit" each other...but it's not exactly a question I can google. I tried.

"When does the next century start?"
Seriously. My first thought was "For who?"

"WHY do I have to study health and anatomy?"
The Professor's answer was "Because I had to."

Then there are the questions like:
"Why are siblings soooo annoying?"

I may have to start making up answers.


A&EMom said...

My mom claims she began making up answers when I asked why the moon wasn't purple. Be careful though, to this day her answers are met with scrutiny. She apparently got a little too comfortable with it.

CrossView said...

And the questions just get harder as they get older and acquire more information... LOL! But the good news is that the older ones will have so much knowledge that the younger ones will start asking them the questions! ;o)

jugglingpaynes said...

Health and anatomy are great subjects to learn! They teach you how to take good care of yourself so you don't have to spend as much time in the doctor's office. And I learned a lot about anatomy when I started taking yoga. It helped me know which muscles I was stretching or toning when I did a pose or which organs I was massaging.

Since I don't force my kids about food, I needed to teach nutrition to them as a way to help them learn how to nourish their bodies.

Tell Mini-Me I think her mom must love her a lot to teach her about health and anatomy! :o)

Peace and Laughter,

the Underdog said...

The universally useful answer to all questions is "I don't know but your mother is an expert in that...."

TobyBo said...

hey... I knew the answer to that first one... we had a friend with polycethemia... she had to have therapeutic blood draws. Ewwwwwwwww.

Mother Mayhem said...

Emily questions nothing except when it comes to when we are going to eat and when can she listen to music. ;o)

40winkzzz said...

my standard answer lately for the why-do-i-have-to-study-this questions is, "because it creates pathways in yout brain." actually that's the short version. the long version goes, "you know, even if you never end up needing to use this particular piece of knowledge or this specific skill, it's still giving you a foundation for future learning. and you know, every time you study soemthing or work on a skill, you're creating new pathways in your brain and giving it exercise and keeping it strong and healthy..." i think my kids are getting a little tired of hearing this, but i suppose if they get tired enough, they'll quit asking.

(and yes, i realize this post is 8 days old. i'm behind on my reading as usual. i've been busy building pathways in my brain with facebook scrabble.)

40winkzzz said...

wow, TWO spelling errorsin one comment. i dislike the fact that blogger does not give an edit comment option. huh. guess i'd better go create more pathways...