Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An odd sort of family....

I have an odd sort of family.

There's Mini-Me, the 10.5 year old who merrily proclaims, "I'm the smart one."

There's G-man, who is so much like me and so very different that often I don't know what to do with him. He loves Jesus and that's all that matters.

J-man is the class clown. He also sees no problems in hitting a sibling should they not comply with his wishes. Or if they annoy him. Or cough on him. I guess I could call him "Knuckles"..... but I won't.

We went to the local "StuffMart" on Saturday. Me thinking it would be fun to have a movie night...but forgetting how UN FUN going to the store can be. Especially on a saturday. Especially especially when Knuckles....I mean J-man wants to act out his computer game through the aisles of the store.

Standing in line to check out, J-man says, "That's a big, fat guy, just like you, Mom."
I shushed J-man because we didn't need to talk about people so loud the entire store could hear him -- the Man saw the blabber mouth get in trouble and tried to shhh him. Telling me, "Most kids think I'm Santa Claus"


I may be jiggly but I'm no Santa Claus.

Then There's Bubbles. The very cute, very small tyke who reminds me of Me .... and many other short, power mad future dictators. ..... I mean, World Changers....

Who told me, "I yike you, mom. but I don't yike dad."
Uh huh. Sure. Go to sleep, kid.
She only 'yikes' me more if it can keep her awake.

You've met all those kids...but what I haven't told you is that I have other children, too.
They've been with me for several years now, I don't talk about them much because, we've been getting to know each other. Our relationships have changed and developed...

There's the thief who thinks that's all she'll ever be.
There's the Prince who likes to break with tradition....I think deep down inside he'd rather be a spy, but it's not really an option right now.
There's the Prince's best friend -- who is definitely a glass-half full kind of fellow
and even the Pirate. to round out the group with .... well what kind of family would it be without a pirate??

They've been keeping me awake ....

and mentally occupied ...

and Typing. ....

and not blogging.

But family comes first, right??

Even if it is an odd sort of family.


Kelli said...

;) I think you're beautiful. The odd ones, well, they just keep us on our do such a great job with them.

Off topic... Bubba looked at Bubbles picture yesterday smiled and said, "Name Bubbles" in a whistful way. I thought it was cute.

Dapoppins said...

Typing but not blogging? WHAT are you WRITING?

I love how you put up with your kids. However, you must tell them that mothers are never FAT. Mothers are squishy, the better to give good hugs.


Paula Vince said...

You've got a great, smart family. Mini-Me is only the start. I loved J-Man's comment and the Santa-Claus guy's neat, tactful reply.
(I remember once as a toddler waiting at the chemist, Emma said, "I don't want to sit next to that old lady." They embarrass you when you don't know what's going to come.