Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring = rain

I'm sure you've seen the blog posts, the ones where jubilent bloggers tired of Winter's duldrums take pictures of things sprouting. It means spring is on the way. Hooray.

I love to watch spring emerge. New life! Things that have gone dormant are now coming back to life. There are a lot of preachable moments in the Spring. I mean, who hasn't had something go dormant that needs a rebirth?

I want to join in. I want to celebrate spring.
But around here spring means rain.

I'm not complaining, because about July, everyone will be complaining that it's too dry.

and if we didn't have the rain - I wouldn't get this:
Our red oak, having lost some precious, shade-giving limbs from the ice storm, is starting to leaf out!! That's a great thing!

Spring is here!


Debbie said...

Our state has been in drought for over a year, but this past week we had so much rain the water restrictions were lifted. I was soooo glad to see the sun shine on my part of the earth again! Spring is looking good!

Halfmoon Girl said...

We get a lot of rain too, but like I tell the kids, it was what makes where we live so green and beautiful. You just have to decide to embrace the rain! It is all about attitude, right? Sounds like you have it figured out.

TobyBo said...

April showers bring May flowers... what do May flowers bring??

jugglingpaynes said...

But April showers bring May flowers, Comfy!

For me, Spring means itchy skin, garden clean-up, and landscapers mowing and leaf-blowing all of my neighbors yards at the same time. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

P.S.-I wasn't going to take a picture of a tick digging in, silly!

Tracy said...

I know spring is here because our snow banks are only about 3 feet high now. Although there are still a few huge ones by the school. Raining here too...

Paula Vince said...

Enjoy your rainy spring. Over here, we're relieved to get our first taste of autumn after a very hot, dry summer.

Peculiar Blogs said...

enjoy the puddles. They are my favorite part of the rain. :-) This week looks like it will be sunny all week, though! YEAH!

Growin' with it said...

Thanks for stopping by my spot! Your blog is awesome and fun! I shall be back....

btw...I'm with ya on the rain bit...same in my neck of the woods, but it would never be as beeeeautiful and green if it wasn't for those drops!

call*me*kate said...

Yep, spring means rain here, too. Then again, summer, fall and winter also mean rain. But it IS green!

Answer to the question "What do May flowers bring?"

Furniture, of course!

My dad was an asst. fire chief but on his days off, he worked as a mover for the Mayflower moving company. Big, yellow diesel trucks with "Mayflower" emblazoned on the side. This joke is from my childhood.

Savor springtime!