Friday, August 24, 2007

Stanley's Last Day..

When I saw the post at Training Hearts about Stanely's virtual escapades, I thought it would oodles of fun to participate in. I'll be honest, we had the most routine of all weeks this last week. I'm still not sure what happened. So I was concerned that our visit wouldn't be as grand as Stanley's visit to here. I mean he got to meet royalty when he visited there.

Still in all, I think Stanley was pleased to visit us. Maybe our house seemed much like his own. He was certainly allowed to be a kid. *L* Bouncing on the couch and all.

Stanley sat with me while I did a bit of Bible Study while the little kids were asleep. Mini-Me's cast came off the same day. It was quite the treat for everyone. I wanted to ask Stanley if he knew Jesus, but he was a bit quiet on the subject, so I didn't push the conversation. He was all smiles about my study, though. Maybe he knew something he wasn't telling...or maybe he was just happy to be there. He certainly was the quietest Bible Study partner I've ever had.

While I did my study, the kids built a fort. Oddly enough, it looks a lot like computer jail. I guess it's the intent of the builder. Stanley had fun. They decorated, well, Mini-Me Decorated. They had a drawbridge pillow that went down and up. There were secret passages. It was a great fort. It got dismantled for dinner, and then reconstructed after. One is not welcome to sit on the outside "ledges" of the fort, as that blocks the view from within. You've been warned.
I got the bright idea today, after seeing all the scattered puzzle pieces, that I needed to clean out the game "closet". Really, it's also the linen closet, the medicine closet and the construction paper closet. Then I remembered all the games stuck at the top of the coat closet. So I got them ALL down....
After getting them all down and in the kitchen I discovered that I had games I don't want/need anymore. I'm the gameskeeper around here, just to clarify my position. I found a game that I haven't played in over 10 years. Even though it brings fond memories, it's got to go in order to make room for something new. (It will probably go to Goodwill as I'm a reforming "collector")(See: Packrat - definition two)
I discovered two games that my bigs could play NOW: Mancala and Chinese Checkers. So we got them out, dusted them off and learned how to play. We taught Stanley, too. You never know where he might turn up. He needs all the knowledge he can get.
Here they are laughing at something I said. Really.
Stanley got the joke, after all he has a younger brother, too.
The board is all set up and Mini-Me makes her move:
After this rousing game, it was nap time for the littles.
Then it was time for a heated and confusing match of Chinese Checkers.

I amaze myself when I just assume that my kids understand what I'm talking about.
Chinese Checkers involves moving your pegs (or marbles) from your starting triangle to the triangle across the board. You can jump opponents pieces but you don't capture them.
AND you have to jump in a straight line, no arcs.
These were slightly difficult concepts to grasp after learning to play ordinary, old fashioned checkers. You know, the one on the square board.
We had a good time, though.
Stanley thinks it's time to move on. So we're going to wrap him carefully in a box and send him to Africa to visit our friend in Uganda. Hopefully, he won't eat her chocolate on the way there. I'll be sure to pack him some sandwiches for the trip.

Farewell Stanley, Good Journey


ThoughtfulMom said...

Now that is a BRILLIANT idea for where to send Stanley.

He might need some sunscreen.

Lisa said...

You know he's going to eat the chocolate, right?

I hope he has as much fun in Africa as he did with you and your kidlets!

TobyBo said...

I hope Stanley has a great trip. Did you remember to give him some milk in a cigarette case?

TobyBo said...

News flash: A Stanley very similar to yours has just arrived through our computer printer, although his coloring is different, as our printer does not believe in yellow.

Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

Oh wow! I haven't seen anyone playing Chinese checkers for a while! I use to love that game.........*sigh* those were the days...