Friday, August 24, 2007

Things said in the dark...

Have you ever played hide and seek in the house with most of the lights off? We tried that tonight.

It was sort of an accident. We just didn't turn the lights ON when we started. I was it and just grabbed the flashlight when it was time to seek. I mean, they use flashlights on CSI. I just looks COOL. (Silly, but cool. If they're not going to turn the lights on, neither am I. And I'm not looking for evidence.)

Then it was my turn to hide. Which is fun. I love finding that one perfect spot. My theory is that I can teach them to hide by hiding myself. I really try not enjoying besting my children at games - too much. (I took great pleasure it besting The Professor at Mancala, though. Twice.)

The First time I hid, I hid in G-man's bunk. He keeps animals up there it was easy to lay down among them. He didn't find me during his first sweep through. Then he got the idea to check all the beds.

Mini-me said, "I don't think she's up there. The blankets aren't chubby enough."

Hey. I resemble that remark.

So it was their turn to hide. Mini-Me wanted to play, too. PLaying in the dark seemed like fun - especially with the flashlights. So I counted...and went to find them. I had a little help with the seeking. J-man will sometimes follow them around and watch them hide. Then when it's time to seek, he'll help do that, too. Makes my turn as "it" so much easier when I have a snitch.

I mean Help.

It's back to my turn. I had scoped out a corner that I wanted to try as a hiding place. Among the dress up clothes, in the dark, it might just be difficult to find me. So I put the box in my lap, a hat upon my head and snuggled up amid the hanging dresses. And waited.

They walked past me several times. Talking about where I might be and how scrunched up I might be while in my hiding place. I was quite comfy.

They come back. Flashlights blinking...and landing right on me. I love my new hiding spot. Of course, it will only work in the dark.

"Maybe she's under the bed!!" was G's suggestion.

Ever the logical one, Mini-Me says, "and how do you think a chubby lady will fit under there?"

I almost gave my position away by laughing. Chubbies jiggle when laughing comes from the belly.

I did have to vacate my perfect hiding place after Mini-E wandered around the house calling out "Mommy" quite forlornly. She decided to console herself in my absence by playing in the cat box. (I caught her just in time. Gotta get her a sandbox. Mini-e, not the cat.)

G-man was a bit upset with me when I wouldn't reveal my hiding place. Despite that, they're ready to play again! "Tomorrow??" "We'll see. We'll see."

There's only so many places a chubby lady can hide, dontcha know.


Our Peculiar Life said...

ROFL!!!! I especially love the remark about CSI and the flashlights. I have ALWAYS wondered what the heck that is about! :-)

Anonymous said...


As a fellow chubby lady, I, too, know there are only so many places I can hide. Under the bed is NOT one of those places! Jiggle-Jiggle

Rosie isn't too hard to find. If you call out her name, she answers you!

Edward C. Foster said...

This is a goofy-ass blog.

A&EMom said...

Great hiding idea... You had better hope the kids don't read your blog!

It appears Mr. Foster doesn't appreciate "mommyness", which is fine. But to look at his picture and know he just called your blog goofy? Well. Words fail me.

ComfyDenim said...

I know. I'm a bit perplexed at his comment myself. I'd not seen him before - so he popped into the laundry pile left his comment and popped back out again. I'm going to take his comment of "goofy" as a compliment. Though, after following his links, I'm beginning to doubt it.

Edward C. Foster said...

On your blog, you have an error.

Mini-me said, "I don't think she's up there. The blankets aren't chubby enough."

Hey. I resemble that remark.

I think you meant you resent that remark.

But to answer your question about the degree of hotness in Mesa. Let's just say, if you wanted to melt steel, you could do so without any fancy equiptment.

ComfyDenim said...

Hmm...melting steel. Might be fun. Good for creating lawn art.

I meant to use the phrase "I resemble that remark." I've heard that phrase for as long as I can remember - my dad has said it often. In truth, I do resemble the remark she made.

Edward Foster said...

I've never heard it used.

Dapoppins said...

My kids know all my places, is it cheating if I keep moving to keep them guessing?

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

There is no way this mama could fit under a bed! It's funny to hear the things our kids say when they think we aren't around ;-)

appleleaf said...

I salute you for being a playful Mum! I try to be the same, & get the impression that it must be natural for you! I've come across several frazzled friends who tell their kids, "I don't want to hear your story or watch your play," and it makes me sad.
We'd love a copy of "Stanley" Thanks for the offer! He sounds like a very lovable fellow.
(We've received letter #2 to Emma's excitement and one should be arriving at your place soon.)
PS We should all put our thinking caps on to try to come up with several hiding spots for chubby ladies.

TobyBo said...

Hide & Seek in the Dark is great fun.

I came over to let you know that after 3 weeks in the icy waters of homeschooling, they appear to be safe. I have not been eaten by any leopard seals (yet).

Melanie said...

That was too cute!! Kids are so funny with the things they say. It sounds like you had lots of fun.

edward c. foster left me a rather rude comment one day last week. I checked out his blog and it became apparant that he goes around and leaves rude commnents for everyone.

Mrs. Darling said...

Edward Foster has his own spelling mistakes. What's with the word "equiptment". That isnt a word. It's "equipment".

I have heard people say they resemble a remark too but I sorta have to stick my neck out here. I really think that came from "I resent that remark". The Queens english is quite distorted if one says, "I resemble that remark."

But either way its no reason for someone to call a blog goofy; especially some one who cant even spell the word equipment!

Monkey Giggles said...

You sound like such a cool mom. Thanks for reminding me to STOP and PLAY with those little humans.

Wabi Sabi Me said...

Of course you meant, "I resemble that remark." What else could you have said ;-)

Gayle said...

LOL! You are a good momma. :)
I *know* that the top bunk bed with tons of animals is a great place to hide. Last year, my son went missing (I am talking...we were seriously about to call the police!) and our neighbor found him curled up in his brother's bed under all the animals. We had seriously looked there!

Debbie said...

Wow! What's up with the comments?!! hehehehe....

Sounds like you and children had a fun time! Something they will always remember and treasure!

Jenn B. said...

Very, very cute post! Thanks for stopping by last week. I love your blog :)

Edward C. Foster said...

You're a moron Mrs Darling.

That word is not spelled wrong.

It can be spelled either way, such as the word "color" can also be spelled as "colour".

Maybe some of your unintelligent friends buy your crap, but I KNOW otherwise.


ComfyDenim said...

Mr. Foster,
I would ask that you stop now. It is entirely improper that you come into my blog and insult my guests. It is essentially you breaking into a discussion just to insult people.

My friends are curious why you would pop in out of nowhere just to tell me that my blog is goofy*ss. When I don't know you from Adam. Rightly so, they are defensive of me and I'm thrilled that they've "got my back" and are willing to stand by me against an apparent attack.

You have to admit, a man dressed in purple tights calling a mommy blog goofy is a bit ironic.

Mrs. Darling is, according to the various dictionaries I consulted, NOT wrong. Equipment, equip and equipped are the common forms of the word. Now, if using a "t" in "Equipment" is used in other parts of the world, (Much like colour) that's fine. Please make that distinction. But I ask that you please refrain from calling names. This is my blog... I do not mind you speaking your mind in a civil manner.

I took your "goofy" comment as a bit of a funny. a sideways compliment. I don't mind being called goofy. So please don't ruin my first impression of you by calling people names here. That's why you've got your blog.

Comfy Denim