Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You can lead a mom to Homeschool...

...but you can't make her drink.

Or something like that. I know I've joked often enough about wanting a stiff drink even though I can't stand the stuff. So the question of the day - on Monday - was: "What led to your decision to homeschool?"

I didn't read a lot about homechooling. I didn't research the status of public schools.
Well - I guess in a way, I did.
I was homeschooled as a child.
In the dark ages before it was widely popular (except in really rural areas, of course). I remember being told to be cautious as to who we told about our homeschooling. We finally did have a smallish homeschool group when I was older. I think there were more homeschoolers in a neighboring (and larger) county, but driving was not an option. It was an hour away.

My first year to homeschool was my fifth grade year. My younger brother was going into his 3rd grade year and my baby brother has never been to a public school.

As I grew up, I just knew I was going to homeschool my kids. Looking back now, I can't say that it was taught to me - though it probably was - it was just in me to homeschool. Which I'm identifying now as a call from God...because even though I might want to send the kids to school on those "Days of the Overwhelm" I just can't.

When The Professor and I were talking about marriage we talked about kids and how many and we talked about homeschooling. I told him I wanted to homeschool and he was in agreement. If I remember correctly, his thinking was a little different than mine, though. He said that he didn't want to come home to "yo.pop." in the gangsta tone of voice.

I was pretty confident I could do this - after all, I was homeschooled.
I'm going into my 4th year *gasp* of homeschool and I laugh at that pre-homeschool confidence.
It was a rocky 3rd year and quite possibly could have been my last - had it not been for my "final answer".

Really, my final answer to why I homeschool is that God called me to it. He won't let me quit.
The academic reasons, the spiritual reasons, the personal reasons are all butter on the bread to me.

I'm so terribly glad I answered this question. I guess I needed to sit down and think about it...because I feel it in my spirit. Quitting is not an option. Did I read that in a book somewhere?

I can't wait to read what others have written.

Hmm. How 'bout that? My spell-checker doesn't like the word "homeschool". I'll try not to take it personally. (Insert gales of laughter here)

Bleach Free blessings!


Beckyb said...

LOVED your post - what a great blog! You are so right - it's all just "butter on the bread" - love that!!!

Tracy said...

First I have to say that your blog is great! So cute. I am glad you are sticking with the home schooling. There are days where I just feel like picking up the phone and telling the school I am putting them back in! (Well, one is going back, but not because of one of those days!) It is worth it and we have so many more good days than bad. I hope my kids carry on the home school with their own some day!

Tonsofsons said...

How inspiring that you were homeschooled and you know how to read and write. LOL!


Randi said...

I think it is neat to meet 2nd generation homeschoolers! I am hoping that my kids homeschool as well.

By now I think that Typepad should just be quiet and accept that HOMESCHOOL is a legitimate word!

Henny Penny said...

We have the same "why". God won't let me quit either! :o)