Monday, August 13, 2007

The first day of school....

Was a complete fizzle.

The good news - We took Mini-E into the ear, nose and throat doctor. Fully expecting him to set up a time for us to have a 2nd set of tubes put in her ears. He said they were fine.

He's doubting, just a bit, the diagnosis of our pediatrician.
I'm not. Because I'm here with the kid all the day - and all the night if the Professor doesn't get roused first. (he's nicer than I am in the middle of the night) I prayed over her last night. I prayed specifically and a bit desperately.

So I'm praising. It's okay if I don't know if God worked or not - I'm just happy that we don't have to have tubes.

--- I had scheduled the appointment early in the day so that we could come home and do school work - but we got home and we really needed to clean our rooms. So we did.

And then I realized that I hadn't prepared ANYTHING for school work - due to rocking in the chair with Mini-E. So our first day of school work fizzled.

Tomorrow will be different.
Mainly because it's, well, Tuesday.
(That was very punny of me, if I do say so myself.)
Tomorrows are always different.

Oh - Tonight. Mini-Me tried to hop onto the bed. You have to understand that it's low to the ground. And she missed (She takes after me) and her face plowed into the foot board. Well...that's over dramatizing things. Her cheek and footboard collided.

The footboard won. She looks like she's been punched. I even told her so - and she asked me later, "So this is what it feels like to be punched in the face?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

"well, it hurts."
My Poor baby. I just sat with her for 30 minutes.
I just felt for her.

I guess lessons weren't a total loss.
Mini-Me learned about bruises & gravity.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.


Henny Penny said...

Now tomorrow is Wednesday.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Henny Penny just confused me there- I was like "what, I thought it was Tuesday today?!?" Anyways, I am back on track and can totally relate to life getting in the way of school. But life is school isn't it- the school of hard knocks, as your daughter found out literally yesterday!

southerngirlmusings said...

Been there with the tubes, glad you don't have to go through it again. Whoa, the footboard, hope Mini-E is better soon.