Thursday, August 2, 2007

All Star Cast

Well... it's official.
The orthopedic office took two x-rays.
The Orthopedic doctor who came in talked to Mini-Me. Asked where it hurt, what happened, felt around. Compared arms. Felt fingers.
Looked at the x-ray.
He said something akin to: We expect to see some lines in the bones. But that one's not supposed to be there.
The only thing I can figure is that maybe it was going "against the grain", so to speak.
The fracture is right above the elbow joint.
When he mentioned "cast", Mini-Me immediately got bummed and fought out right tears. So we asked the doctor to explain why. He said the cast would protect the bone and prevent it from breaking. If the fracture turned into a break, it would require surgery.
After that, Mini-Me chose the path of positive thinking.
As we waited for a "casting table" she said "At least it's not surgery."
They got us in very quickly.
Cam, the "cast technician", was very sweet and had a good personality. He explained all he wanted to do. I held onto Mini-Me's fingers - and she thought her arm would be in a constant upright position. We told her that she would still be able to bend it at the shoulder.
When the fiber-glass "cast" was bonding, Cam told us that it could get hot. When it does, her fingers might have extra blood flow and get darker in color than the other.
Mini-Me said, "awww." And I think asked "Does that mean I'm going to have a bloody hand?"
That tickled Cam as he'd never heard that question before.
That's because he'd never met Mini-Me before.
At least it's not surgery.
And it's Pink.
Very Pink.

****see note at bottom****

And she can swim in it. The very nice lady who checked us in signed the cast first.
Giving Mini-Me a heart.

We decided a consolation prize for the cast would be a new Game-boy game.

I'll have to make good on that later today.

We can go swimming - no water slide - though he advised us not to let her swim over her head. The cast could get heavy in the water. We'll have to give it a shot - and see if it's worth it for her. The water slide and diving boards were her favorite things. I'm not sure she'll like just "water". Maybe a floatie? We'll have to wait and see.

We go back in a week for a follow up x-ray. We'll have the cast on for 3 weeks.
And it's NOT surgery!!

I wrote right over her elbow: "Healed in Jesus Name"

Even with a cast, we know that God is taking care of her. Last night we went to church. Mini-Me and G were in a scooter race. The type of scooter that you sit on. They were to ride back ward, pushing with their feet. Mini-me was in a scooter/chair collision and bonked her elbow. She also told us that at one time she fell over, landing on her arm.

God was definitely watching over her. Otherwise, we would have ended up at the ER.

Now we know - and it doesn't require surgery.

*Photos removed because they're some how being googled. and it bugs me*


Renae said...

Hugs and Kisses from the Lone Star State - and I'm with you, "At least it's not surgery!" My dh has said so many times that the kids will blurt it out on their own, "I'm not taking anyone to the hospital tonight!"

I hope swimming works out for her.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Yeah, at least it isn't surgery. That would forkin' suck.
Fiberglass casts are the best, swimming, bathing everything is a go!

TobyBo said...

I don't think I've mentioned... she is adorable... even in a pink cast.

A&EMom said...

E will be in awe of the pink!

Even if the swimming isn't so fun, you can tell her what bathing is like with a plaster cast! Uggggg! God's favor is on her even through bathing!

KarenW said...

They make casts so pretty now! Mine was the old fashioned plaster kind that got so grubby looking after 6 weeks on a 7 year old. Glad to know she can still swim!

appleleaf said...

I'm so relieved to see that no surgery is required and that she still has a big smile on her face. That's a pretty funky pink cast.
Emma's letter is on the way so I hope it'll arrive within the next 3 weeks to help make a cheerful spot in the day.
And we all hope that now the cast is on, there won't be too much pain.

JoAnn said...

Poor thing :( Well at least it's only 3 weeks and she can still swim. We've been through a broken arm here. With the heat it is going to get itchy try to keep her from sticking things down it to itch it can break the skin and cause an infection. I'll pray for swift healing.

Monkey Giggles said...

The pink is so surgery that deserves a big AMEN.

Henny Penny said...

So glad it wasn't surgery! Hot pink!

Both of my nephews have broken legs, and one has broken his wrist. Beware of stink cast! My sister tells me it's BAD. P.U.

The Family Jewels said...

Where were swim proof, shower proof casts when I needed all of those casts in the past? I at least got a red one the last time I was in the pink!

I'm praying for you guys and the swift healing of that least you took her in right away after it happened-the first time I broke my arm my parents didn't believe that it was broken and put off taking me in until they couldn't stand the whining any longer. My mom still feels bad for doing that.

kara said...

wow. At least it isn't surgery. ((hugs))

jugglingpaynes said...

I am so glad she was able to get such a cool color cast! Sign "Peace and Laughter" on it for me.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate having such sweet blogger buddies. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

jugglingpaynes said...

I love your Meez!!!

Dapoppins said...

saw the picture, had to go read the other posts. my daughter had a cast on her leg for 5 weeks. It was that same color!

so glad there is no surgery...

teeheee. coffee mom said forkin!

Angie said...

I followed you here from Homeschool Blogger. :-)

What a cool cast! It looks very chic. *giggles*

I wanted to thank you for you comment on my "burnt-out" post. I think you are spot on. I realize that my worship time has been desperately lacking. As you know, when homeschooling 4 kids, it is not always easy to find time alone.
I will definitely be making this a priority.
Thank you!

Melanie said...

Hope she's feeling better soon! That's great that she is still able to swim- what a hard summer for a kid not to be able to swim.

Debbie said...

No surgery....that's great!
Wow! And being able to swim in it!! How great is that for her!?!