Friday, August 17, 2007

If you give a kid a....

Actually - it's more of a "if she gets her hands on" - but this is more rhymey.
If you give a kid a Nintendo DS and she throws it in the toilet..
She'll want to play with a camera.
If she plays with a camera then she'll want to cell phone, too.
If she plays with the camera and the cell phone then she'll throw them behind the bed.
If she throws them behind the bed she'll forget all about them and then she'll want to play with your MP3 Player.
If she plays with your MP3 player you'll think it's cute and adorable as she talks to it - like a phone. If you think it's cute and adorable (and it is) then she'll continue to push buttons until she erases everything from Memory.
If you give a kid an MP3 player - you'll be glad that it doesn't have a "Format disk" option - and you'll have to reload everything.
If you give a kid anything else, you really deserve what you get,
And you'll probably need a cookie.
And if you give a mom a cookie, she'll want a Diet Coke (Or a Frappacino) to go with it.


Renae said...

Very clever, and a little unnerving, at the same time. I have yet to lose an electronic device to a youngster. Oh, unless you count the HP digital camera that I haven't seen since last June. Hmmm.... we've never solved that mystery.

MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

absolutely it would work for family friday's.. anything to do with family, it doesnt matter what!!! we tried to get our almost 4 year old to get that done but he was freaked out!!!! it would have been so cute as i can see!!!!

Anonymous said...

I came by your blog via I Have To Say's homeschool week link and I love the vibe of your blog- I'll definately be visiting again. :)

TobyBo said...

what??? Has Stanley been cleared of the crime?

Great story. :)

ThoughtfulMom said...