Thursday, August 23, 2007

A "Normal" Day just for Stanley

Monday's are not usually "normal" around here. I'm not sure why, either. They just aren't. They're usually chaotic and full of unusual struggles. Just for Stanley we had a normal day.

In my last Stanley post, I neglected to link to Training Hearts' post about Stanley. I'll make this right. Sorry about forgetting last time. I wrote in a hurry. Which, I've also noticed, leads me to type in short sentences.

At least they're complete sentences. I hope.
I digress. Sorry.

Back to our Monday that was normal just for Stanley.

The Professor had to work late and we had Spaghetti for dinner. It was yummy. I like spaghetti. It's one of my favorites. Stanley and Mini-Me seemed to enjoy it, too.

After dinner, there was a jumping on the couch marathon. I waffle between two opinions with the jumping on the couch. Part of me says "No, you'll break the couch" and another part of me says "Is this a battle that really needs to be fought?"

So Here they are - pausing to take a picture. I think Stanley had fun.

We all gathered on the aforementioned couch to read about Stanley's adventures. You can see him right next to my ear. I guess he really wanted to see.
We got many laughs out of Stanley's escapades. He becomes flat after a bulletin board falls on him during the night. His family is very quick to adjust to his "condition" He talks his mother into using his size to retrieve something from a hole in the street. "Hey, lady, is your yo-yo stuck?" His father rolls him up like a roll of wallpaper. And the chapter about the sneak thieves gave us many laughs.

We read the story of him getting flat again - and decided that the first one was funnier. Though, the second was not without humor. We just found the first one funnier. (We are wondering about Stanley's other books and will probably seek them out at the library.)

All in all, we recommend the books and a visit from Stanley. He was quite a good houseguest. He was very quiet and kept mostly to himself. It has been fun having him here.


Tracy said...

Looks like you guys had fun with him. I will have to check out that link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the face painting tips, I think I'm going to try my hand at the FallFest in October- I'll post pics if I do. :)

TobyBo said...

I love the sneak thief chapter, especially the Shepherdess dress.

Monkey Giggles said...

I can't wait until we start Flat Stanley. We are going to start school September 4.

I can understand your Mondays. My Wednesday are like that. Hubby and I say...if something is going to go wrong or break it happens on Wednesday. It's just the way it is.

Monkey Giggles said...

I thought you would em. I am in the process as I type...finishing a
stocking for Christmas. I know it's only August...but once school starts my time goes FAST!!!

Becky said...

That Stanley has been around for a long time. He takes lots of fun trips all around the world from what I see. I am glad you enjoyed him. When do you send him on his way??

Debbie said...

Stanley is my kind of guest. He plays well with the kids and is always very quiet! Doesn't complain about the food or sleeping arrangements, etc...How great is that!!