Monday, July 23, 2007

Teachable moments..

The emotional day I had Saturday was coupled with a slightly hectic day on Sunday. I went to bed with oodles of things on my to do list. I was thinking of children. Thinking of schooling. Thinking of trying to make sure I enjoy them.

I'm not sure why, this current season seems especially difficult. I'm not sure why it's difficult nor do I know when it changed. I just know it's new - and that means I need to change my course of action.

I was picking up something off the floor and thinking of something I'd read about keeping the younger children entertained. I thought of my method of keeping the youngers entertained - I teach the older children one at a time. While I'm teaching one, the other one plays with the youngers - if they're not doing school work.

I was thinking something along the lines of "I can't seem to teach the olders at the same time....." I can't remember where that line of thought was headed - but the Holy Spirit whispered to me "That will come in time."

With that single sentence - I realized that my expectations of myself were WAY too high. Which, I think, had been a contributing factor in some of my emotional grumps on Saturday.

I don't want to waste valuable time (which is quite silly because I just watched more than half a documentary on John Wayne and John Ford) - but I don't want to wish the children to be too old. Because then I would miss the cute head tilts from Mini-E, the puns from Mini-Me, G's tape creations and J-man's laughs.

It was nice just to have encouragement...

My other teachable moment came today.
G decided to be difficult today. He decided to question all authority in different sorts of ways. It made for a difficult time with the youngers and a slightly difficult time with school work. I'm praying that it won't happen again tomorrow.

By the time we got to 11:30, I was fed up. Wishbone has been on for the summer and I've been letting the kids watch it while I make lunch. I've enjoyed it, too. Because of the difficulties, if G had asked to turn on the TV, I'd have said no.

As it was, Mini-Me asked. She asked politely and quietly. She had been obeying and listening. Because SHE had asked, I said yes.

Immediately, I thought of the scriptures that speak of God blessing his covenant to the thousandth generation. What I might be doing now, will definitely effect future generations. I know this will preach because I've heard TD Jakes preach on it.

He used Timothy's grandmother in 2 Tim. 1:5 to illustrate his point. If Eunice hadn't passed down her faith - Timothy might not have been what he was.

So because Mini-Me had been obedient, they all were blessed and got to watch Wishbone. I want my children (& Grandchildren & great-grandchildren if they come ) to be blessed because of what I do NOW. So I need to be obedient and watchful now.

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Dapoppins said...

by what I do now....go away. Stop that. You are not allowed to challenge or encourage spitural growth in Dapoppins.

(good post)