Monday, July 30, 2007

Schmoozer - a respected profession..

Kathleen aka CoffeeMom has awarded (aka recognized) my schmooze talent. Which I didn't know I had, I figured I was just chatty.
Here's what this is about:
“As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.”
I'm honestly flattered. Thank you, Kathleen.
I feel like I should say something...kind of like an acceptance speech.
All I can think of is that, really, I type just like I talk.
So that makes this award all that much more special.
So now I get to pass it on? In following with the description above, I pass this on to:
Melanie & her Happy Happenings - always drops in for a quick comment! And I've seen her all over the place. I'm either following her around, or she's following me. :-D


Renae said...

hello - we have a couple of mutual blog friends and I keep running across your name, so I thought I'd stop by. I, too, have a thing for denim and live under a mountain of laundry. Stop by sometime. I like schmoozers.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Melanie is a great recipient. She has been an encouragement to me and I see her around alot too.

Melanie said...

Thanks so much for the award! It means a lot to me!!

Mama Bear said...

The power of schmooze? I'm scared!

(I'm also back on blogspot!)