Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bloggy Creativity - a brain overflow

My bloggy creativity has been low.

It's been a crazy week but when I sit here and ponder what to write, I can't picture one event or item to write about. There were also a couple of events that I thought to write about but they almost seemed too personal.

Or maybe life was just too "lifey". And I should be folding laundry or doing dishes or painting the kitchen. But I didn't want to abandon you forever.

So, my dear blog, here is the overflow from my brain. Just for you.

J-man has been improving in his speech therapy. There are still times we don't understand him at all...but our comprehension of him is getting better. For instance, his back seat driving. Then there was the day we went to visit a friend and he was singing in the back seat "Oooo-ye-ah Ooo-ye-ah".

One day at his therapy time, the therapist showed him a picture of a brown teddy bear. And he obviously recognized the shape. She asked him if he had a teddy bear like that. J-man said "No. But it's got feet, though." I nearly rolled on the floor.

He has a teddy bear. It's red. Not brown. And it's got feet, and ears, and hands. We lost him somewhere in there because he got excited and started talking really fast.
He got stung by a wasp - on the finger - at the house of said friend. He crawled into my lap. My friends made up a paste of baking soda and water. And J-man and I prayed over it. It was gone by the next day. But he described the "attack" to The Professor something like this - I shall paraphrase: "Going down the slide. The bumble bee stung me and then flew away".
And he'd flap his hands to show the "bee" flying away. Of course, we can't tell the story in front of my logistics officer Mini-Me because she corrects us everytime - it was a wasp.
Yes, we know - but he doesn't care. Nor does he know the difference.
We've started school work, nearly full time. The kids don't realize it, though. Because w'ere not doing paperwork every day. I'm realy enjoying our Adventures in My Father's World. The other day we learned about Vikings and Leif Ericsson. The kids retained the story, at least for a day.
The rain has seemed to stop. And I miss it.
It has allowed us to use our pool memberships a litte bit more.
But the humidity is sticky and I'm really glad I don't live in Florida and Houston where it's nasty sticky. But it's still not pleasant.
Saturday was an emotional day, and I'm not entirely sure why.
For some reason, everything seems harder lately. Relationships, housework, children,'s just weird.

Because of that, I'm still pondering over what was going on on Saturday. Today was better. But I really wonder if my expectations are misaligned. Am I expecting something from The Professor that he can't give me? Am I expecting too much from myself?
I'm sure I'll get to post more about this. Because it's just another test I think I failed.

I think I'm going to get some Picfolios from Creative Memories - or maybe the generic kind from Walmart and get my pictures scrapbooked like that. Taking the time to get them into a book doesn't seem to be happening.
And I'd really like to be able to look at the pictures. :-)
I thought, for journaling, that I would just cut some 4x6 paper.
The difference with the Picfolios and the generics from Walmart - the picfolios have some slots that go vertically and some that are positioned horizontally. The Walmart kind (From 3m) are just positioned horizontally.
They are acid/lignin free, though.
And cheaper.
I could probably make them work.

Well, look at that!
The overflow seems to have stopped.
Just in time! J-man has awakened from his nap and wants to rock.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I will have to check out those photo albums. I don't ever seem to be getting to my barely started scrapbooking venture..

appleleaf said...

I think we all lose our "bloggy creativy" at times. I like the way you put that. (Blog Block? Blog Log?) But I like the story about the bee that was really a wasp.
You're a very talented face painter! It must be great fun to bring smiles to children's faces.
BTW, if your daughter would ever like an Aussie penpal, please let me know. Poor 8yo Emma would love an international penpal because her 12yo brother has one and she hasn't yet. She'd love to write to a girl her own age. I promised her I'd put my thinking cap on, and thought I'd ask you guys before we tried putting adverts in magazines or web sites.
Many blessings,

appleleaf said...

Oops, to answer your question, fairy floss is cotton candy. I love being reminded how much different terminology we have over here.

Henny Penny said...

Sorry about the sting, but glad to hear that J-man is making progress in his speech therapy. Yay!

Relax... Remember you are blogging without obligation!

(aka The Woman)

Becky said...

I loved your comment on my blog. "Nifty and lovey all in one." That's it!! You nailed it.

I also love your post today. We have a son, now 22 and a musician/artist/songwriter/singer/etc, who had speech therapy as a child. The need came as a result of a hearing loss and a subsequent injury to the soft palate of his mouth. Those speech therapists make incredible progress. Just look at his line of work today and you can see they made a difference. Hang in there. He sounds ADORABLE by the way. Cute as can be with his little comments.

It is nice getting to know you.

Monkey Giggles said...

Good Morning, Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I am a homeschooling mama too. Are you getting ready for the new school session to start. Do you use a program? I am debating on switching some things up a bit this year. I just have not decided what yet.

Becky said...

J-Man I'm talking about up there, not mine. Although mine is indeed as adorable as one can be at age 22 with a scruffy beard and black rimmed glasses :)

Dapoppins said...

my 3year old insisted it was a dragonfly that stung her. i guess it must have been big.

and yeah, remember the blogging without obligation thing.