Friday, July 27, 2007

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect in music - and in going places with your children.

I finally have figured out a system for taking my kids to the pool. By myself. If you'll think back with me when I nearly made a pool of'll remember that I had no system. I also discovered that I'm not a completely random person. Going to the pool, with 4 kids, randomly simply became a definite "no."

I discovered that I needed to be prepared mentally.

We went yesterday and again today. And it was in these two outings that I realized I had a system. It works best if I can get J-man & Mini-E down for a nap. And then just before we wake them up - we get ourselves ready. "We" being Mini-Me, G & me. (That could be a song, I think).

If I'm really lucky, I get a small nap out of the deal, too. Today I was really lucky.

So we three get ready.
Swimsuits on.
Towels for everyone gathered.
Pool bag packed with swim diapers. bandaids. Tissues. and sunscreen. The spray on kind. Very much worth the money. Pool passes. A pull-up & diaper.
We pack snacks to eat in the car on the way there.
We pack juice pouches & waters (for me) for the ride home after.
The bigs get their sandals on. I spray them down with sunscreen.
Today we got the little kids up and Mini-E wanted to be squirted with sunscreen. So, that only left two to squirt. or screen. Or ... um... uv protect.
Sandals on the littles.
Off we go.

It takes us 30 minutes to get to the pool.
They have "Adult" swim at the top of the hour - which is a guise to make the kids get out of the pool and rest. It last for 15 minutes. We got there yesterday during the adult we got there right after.

I got j-man into is swim suit. And got him sunscreened.
Got Mini-e into her swim clothes.
Got G sunscreened.

We checked in. Got 2 life jackets. 1 of Mini-Me in case she wants to jump off the diving board.
1 for J-man so I know I won't find him on the bottom of the pool.

The bigs go for the slides and the deep end to practice their swimming.
J-man has this one ladder that he loves to play around. up and down he goes.
Mini-E is still not sure what she likes. She doesn't want me to hold her...but she does.
She doesn't want to get wet...but she does.

She does like it when other kids come up to her. She just Smiles at them and jabbers at them and says "hi." She does know she doesn't like to get her face splashed.

So I end up carrying her around. She can be bold at times and a chicken at other times.
But so far the system is working. I'll watch her and J-man at the same time.

I'm glad I've finally got a system. Just in time for the pools to close for the summer. *L* They close the week before school starts. That's about 3 weeks away.

The only glitch in my system - spraying sunscreen on myself.
It's not a bad sunburn - and it won't rob me of my joy at my new found system.
And that sounds funny to say, too. I - the Queen of Random - have a system. Does that make me a semi-queen?


Henny Penny said...

Sounds good to me! :o)

(I think Fatty has up and deleted herself...)

KarenW said...

Queen of Random! I love your title. But you are right, going to the pool with four kids certainly takes advanced planning. And have your kids to spray sunscreen on your back. I didn't have the sprayable kind when my kids were little but with their help, I only had sunburn from time to time in spots here and there where little hands missed.

Gayle said...

No, I think it adds to your have a random plan. Ah, anyway..that was dumb. :D
I have a pool plan, too and I am of your random gene pool, I assure you. :)

Gayle said...

Good grief! I don't think that comment made one bit of sense...LOL!! I will save you further explanation, I just need more coffee. ;)

Jenn4Him said...

Getting a system for everything is half the battle! Good for you!

ThoughtfulMom said...

I'm so glad you have a system.

Oddly, it's much like my system... get me and everything ready to leave - then get the boys ready - #2 does himself while I get the babies together. Works for me, too.

Maybe my system and your system should meet at the pool?