Monday, July 30, 2007

The melding of two opinions...

Mini-Me likes this a bit more structured than I do.

I prefer a day where I can just say, out of the blue, "Time for math", and we all sit down to do math. She gets bummed at me. Typically because "we were about to " and I'm interrupting.

My thought was, "we weren't doing anything anyway. What's the big deal?"

But apparently, it's a big deal to her. She likes to know what's coming next.

And preferrably, the when it's coming.


I'm structurally deficient.

Or maybe it's structure challenged.

I never learned it growing up. I'm a pretty good Random person (queen of it, for the most part) - so having a schedule for the days events is a pretty foreign concept to me.

But we had to compromise.

Okay - I had to compromise. Especially with school work about to start back up in full-swing (as it's in half-swing now).

I needed to come up with a schedule but one that would give me wiggle room for tending the babies - or distractions that might come up. Here's what I came up with:

Our giant white-board is fantastic for so manythings. And I'm not using it a lot for school right now, so I'm putting it to use as a schedule board.

They've already gotten used to seeing the day's schedule. In fact, they're loving it. G asked me the other day, "what's for breakfast?"

When school hits full swing and I need the board more often, I'm not sure what I'll do. Maybe get a smaller board? Or print it off on paper. I'm not sure - but it looks like the schedule is here to stay.

Is it possible to have a random schedule?


KarenW said...

I've got two kids that need an exact schedule. They want to know how much they have to do and what comes next. It doesn't matter if I put 12 things on the list, they're happy with it as long as they know where the end is. If I don't make a list and try to play it by ear, it really frazzles them. It's hard for me to understand because I'm so easy going and flexible.

TobyBo said...

from what you've said about Mini-Me, she will love a schedule. I never put times on ours but we follow pretty much the same sequence most school days so my Miss Dog Lover knows what to expect. Good use of the whiteboard. :)

Melanie said...

I'm just like Mini-Me. I need a schedule and I need to know what's coming. My hubby is like you- a last minute "let's do this" kind of guy. So, I can understand her frustration! I hope the new schedule idea works.