Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Grandpa & His Posse

First let me say that this picture was taken after Mini-Me doused herself in salsa.

Second, It was great seeing Grandpa.

The 3 big kids and I ran to Wal-mart to pick up a few oddities. We were expecting Grandpa at 11am or so. It was just barely 9am when we got to WalMart. The Professor called the cell phone. Grandpa had arrived.

We picked up our items, ran to the bank, stopped by the post office (that was our errand list) and arrived home to find a silver motorcycle in our driveway.

"Who's that belong to?"

I really wanted to casually say "Oh, it's Grandpa." but I said, instead, "you'll have to go see." Let me tell you, it took ever bit of restraint that I had.

They ran in. G & Mini-Me came back out. G was excited, "It's Grandpa!!"
Mini-Me said, "I thought I recognized the motorcycle from Grandpa's picture." I was not ready for her reaction. She was NOT expecting to see him - and it threw her. She wasn't happy and it was all because she wasn't mentally prepared. (I'm so going to have to pray against a reasoning and intellectual spirit) Once she got used to the idea, she was fine to see him.

He only stayed with us during the day. G showed off something fierce. J-man even wanted to show "PawPaw" that he could play a computer game. Mini-Me tried to figure out a way to relate to him...and eventually warmed up to him. Mini-E....this girl warmed up so fast that she gave him her juice cup and asked for more.

The only member of the house that didn't appreciate Grandpa's visit was Maggie, the cat. She absolutely refused to leave the master bedroom. At night, Grandpa slept in the recliner (which was best for his neck) and Maggie went as far as the end of the hallway to...well... um... stare at him. I physically picked her up and carried her to her cat box - and she scurrried, as fast as she could - as low to the grounds as she could get, back to the bedroom.

Grandpa left at 5. The Professor and I were sitting in the front room, listening to the scratches in the cat box by 5:05. I guess she had to be sure he was gone.

All in all it was a good surprise visit. And Grandpa has over 1000 miles to drive - roughly 16 hours - to get home -- and to get his Iron Butt award.

Thanks for coming by, Grandpa!
G'journey home.


TobyBo said...

I am glad you had your visitor. The man has surely earned his award. :)

And I wanted to tell you how perceptive, intelligent, insightful, etc, your observation that Miss Dog Lover speaks in pictures is. You are right on the money. She is incredibly visual, everything in her world is visual.

And BTW, she would have reacted like Mini-Me to a surprise like that... she does not do surprises. We actually have a deal with her that if she wants to know ahead of time what her gifts are, we will tell her. Sometimes she wants to practice her reaction. :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

The Iron Butt award- that's fabulous! My kids love to have relatives come too. Glad the kids enjoyed their time with him.

Melanie said...

I love that picture! The kids look so happy to see their grandpa! And he looks pretty happy too. It sounds like a wonderful visit, after Mini-Me warmed up to him that is! Isn't it funny the different personalities kids have?

btw- your kids are beautiful!

The Woman said...