Friday, May 13, 2011

An update on the list...

WAAAAAAAaaaaaay back in January ... 

Can you BELIEVE it's the middle of May??? *Gasp* 

*panic surge*

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah, WAAAAaaaaaay back in January I talked about turning 40. It's still some time away - but my goodness, it's already in the middle of May!!! 

In that post, I mentioned My List. 

I thought I'd update you. 

The wait was long and often tiring - but The Professor got his notice at the beginning of March (I'm way behind in my blogging) that he successfully passed his California Structures certification test. 

One of the common responses we received after this news came to us was: "Are you moving to California?" 


At least, not that we know of.

The other response was: "What exactly does that mean?"

It means the Professor will be recognized as a Structural Engineer in his field. At least by some. There are some dunder heads out there that don't get it. For California it means he can design buildings like Hospitals and schools. 

An engineer The Professor knows told him, "The California SE is like getting the brass ring." 

The Professor got it. In one try. 

The said it couldn't be done.

We rejoiced. We still rejoice. 

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TobyBo said...

Yay for the Professor!

and if you are thinking of moving... out my way is much nicer than California. Just sayin'. Not that I have any personal interest, of course....

and I just need to add that to post these words of wisdom I had to type in "crejirsm". That is just a mess.