Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A pointless post ...

I have been finding myself with weird sleep patterns. I blame it equally on a sinus infection, the resulting medications and the changes in the weather. (When the night warms up and my normal nesting habits create sweltering hot flashes.)

Lately, I find myself waking up in the night. The clock, normally by the bedside, would be checked for time. If it's morning, I'd get up. If it's early enough, I'll try to eek out just a little bit more sleep. It's amazing how quickly time flies when you're TRYING to sleep. 

I have, in case you wanted to know, moved the clock to the floor so I can't see it anymore. Really, I got tired of the glow of the LED. 

I've noticed a strange pattern to my dreaming as well. 

Because of the weird sleep pattern, I'm having dream vignettes. Instead of a long drawn out dream, I'll dream in patches. Like the time I dreamed the professor callled me from work and I couldn't wake up to answer it. He didn't call. It really was a dream. I checked. 

There was the dream where The Professor was working and hit his finger? Thumb? with a hammer. The nail turned purple. I know this was a prophetic dream....the injuries he's sustained while working are minor. (I just figured that out.) (It's not been a happy place for him, this work)

Then there are the imaginations. Semi-Story plots that become part of the dream, waking me up or ending when I wake up. They're not important, either. They're just there in the sleeping snatches of night and most often discarded in the morning. 

I've had GOOD stuff come to me in the middle of the night. I once had a shape-shifter keep me up until the wee hours of the morning. She ended up being the main character of my NaNo novel back in November. And then there are the plot points of other stories - even Meg & DJ kept me up more than once. 

So I'm trying to decide what to do with it. If anything? 

Probably not. Life around here is often full of short snatches of 'stuff'. Yesterday, the kids played in a bucket of water. They played long enough to fight and get wet. 

We had a spurt of laundry activity afterward.

I worked on editing a story I hope to get published.

The professor found a game.

I ordered new music from Amazon. 

The kids played.

I have been reading "On Writing" by Stephen King. He made me laugh with his memories. Memories he'd written in vignettes. He made me realize that I'm doing something right with my writing. I may never qualify myself as a fan - but I can appreciate him and his talent. I can't blame him for my vignette dreams, though. I've only been reading his book for two days. I've had a sinus infection for over a week.

As I write this I'm realizing, now,  that snatches of sleep and vignette dreams probably shouldn't be considered weird for me.Considering how my days progress....

Except for one single thing. One very important fact.

I tend to like my sleep.


TobyBo said...

ok, what about a little more info for the curiouso among us.

WHAT new game did the Professor find?

and WHAT new music did you order?

Hope your sleep improves soon, friend.

Mother Mayhem said...

Napping has become one of my favorite activities. ;o)